February 15, 2016



VENTURA, California – After seeing tremendous success throughout the past 3 years within the performance surfboard market, Ventura, California-based Varial Surf Technology is venturing into the SUP marketplace with high-performance surf SUP blanks, specifically for 8-foot and under performance surf SUP’s. The surf technology company unveiled their first-ever performance surf SUP last week at the Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida. The board itself was a 7’8” x 30” x 4” Round Nose Blurr shaped by Dan Boehne at Infinity, based out of Dana Point, CA. The board drew tremendous attention at the show.




“We’re very excited to be expanding our business into performance surf SUP blanks,” said Varial co-founder and CEO, Edison Conner. “After seeing such a large growth in Varial’s following the past few years, it was a natural progression for the brand and our high-modulus foam technology,” he added. “The ultra-high rigidity of Varial Foam cores helps SUP surfers paddle faster, turn more aggressively, and make more sections,” continued Conner. “Varial Foam boards have an extremely responsive and lively feel which will help take SUP surfing to the next level, just as it’s doing in surfing.”

Varial’s co-founder and President Parker Borneman continues, “We’ve been thrilled with the support Varial Foam has received from both the surfboard industry and consumer. The combination of improved performance, 30% increased strength, and 25% lighter weight in a USA-made product is what people were hungry for.” Borneman adds, “We saw similar stoke for our new performance surf SUP technology at Surf Expo, and we’re excited to expand the materials revolution into another sector of the surf world.”

Varial Foam performance surf SUP blanks can be glassed with either polyester or epoxy resins and can be cut and shaped like any other blank. For a full list of retailers and shapers in your area, please visit:, or contact Varial directly at: (805) 288-3577 or To follow the #MaterialsRevolution live, you can find Varial at @varialsurf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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Varial Surf Technology was founded in Santa Barbara, CA by two lifelong friends, Edison Conner and Parker Borneman. Frustrated with broken boards and the void of technological innovation, Varial Surf Technology was born. Varial produces the world’s first high-modulus foam cores for surfboards and Performance Standup Paddleboards. The rigidity of high modulus core eliminates the need for a stringer and makes boards 25% lighter, 30% stronger, and ultra-responsive than traditional surfboard forms. Varial foam can be cut, shaped, and glassed just as any traditional PU or EPS core, and has a uniform density, which yields boards that are extremely repeatable.
Varial foam is USA-made, and is currently distributed to over 50 shapers throughout the world.




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