TRASH HERO KIDS – Little hands, become a big change

February 20, 2018

From a small volunteer group that started collecting trash in Lipe Island area, currently the group has expanded into over 20 groups all over Thailand and many countries around the world. These groups of people has one common goal, it is to create change and awareness regarding daily rising amount of trash within the community as a non-profit act. Today, TRASH HERO consists of diverse members from all genders, ages and races, united as one important social movement of today. Recently, TRASH HERO has created the latest project under the name of “TRASH HERO KIDS”, aiming to build a valuable foundation and awareness to new generation children, who will later become the great power in the future.



In the end of 2013, a small group of volunteers noticed countless amount of trash that had been thrown around Lipe Island, concealing the beauty of its scenery and affecting many lives in the community and nature. Therefore, the first TRASH HERO Project was found in order to collect and manage trash within the island´s area by inviting tourists and villagers to participate. After the first project, the group has been creating and continuing many projects to fully conserve all elements of the environment and nature such as gathering to collect trash within the community area on every Monday and manufacturing stainless steel water bottle aiming to reduce the use of plastic bottle. This project has been receiving good cooperation from restaurants, bars and entrepreneurs around Lipe Island in creating unlimited and free water-refilling station, provided project´s stainless steel water bottle is utilized. More examples are conducting waste separation and management with the highest efficiency. From a handful amount of members in that day until today, TRASH HERO expanded into over 20 groups all over Thailand and many countries around the globe such as Malaysia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Prague city and New York, only within 4 years since founded.



The uniqueness that has made this humble TRASH HERO Project become successful and expand into many new areas and countries are as follows;

1. Continuous and limitless project improvement

TRASH HERO is a project that is continuously and actively creating new projects. Every week, a date will be set for area cleaning within each TRASH HERO´s responsible zone.  For example, every Monday is a trash collecting day for Lipe Island where volunteers and members of TRASH HERO take turn to collect garbage and manage waste. Furthermore, the group has been continuously creating new projects in order to create variety in activities.

2. Vision and attitude

TRASH HERO Project has set 3 principal group´s visions and missions which are We Clean, We Educate, We Change. This means that TRASH HERO Project is not only a group that collects and manages waste, but the group also possesses progressive visions in changing attitudes in ideas and behaviors of the people towards trash issue, creating values, love and passion for the community while providing knowledge in various fields.


3. Public mind gathering

TRASH HERO gathers people with public mind and a will to turn the society into a better living place. Moreover, TRASH HERO is an important middle person in creating the platform for people to conduct good deeds via group’s various projects as it is sometimes difficult to gather people and create change without having a link in between. Mr. Sakdadech Sudsaweang, a founding member of TRASH HERO, mentioned in an interview that some of the Thai and foreigner tourists visiting Lipe Island, who had came here with a plan to enjoy their vacation and beauty of the nature, cancelled their original plans in order to be part of this good deed after found out that there is TRASH HERO Project collecting garbage within the community.

4. Non-profit

TRASH HERO is a non-profit organization. Sometimes, members of TRASH HERO utilize personal funds and labor in conducting the mission with full dedication. With passion as a foundation, TRASH HERO became stronger, resulting in supports and funds received from both governmental and public organizations in order to assist in operations. Also, more people have been participating in group´s activities due to the trust towards the group.



As mentioned, TRASH HERO has expanded into many groups within many areas in Thailand and around the world. Bangkok is also one of the cities with TRASH HERO´s garbage defeaters, under the supervision of StarBoard, WeSUPThailand and many volunteers who take turn to create a better society for our living. TRASH HERO BANGKOK has been continuously operating for many long years.

” Activity is conducted every Thursday and Saturday at Taco Lake, Bang Na, Kilometer No. 13 at 16.30 hrs. “

Apart from the creativity in coming up with new projects for the society, another uniqueness of TRASH HERO BANGKOK is to collect trash founded on footpaths, roads and canals by using boats and SUP Boards, which are easy to navigate and access into small and narrow area. TRASH HERO BANGKOK welcomes all interested participants without charging any service fee. Only your public mind is required. You can easily participate and get an update in TRASH HERO BANGKOK activities. The secret is that, after finishing trash collecting activity, you can enjoy their Stand-Up Paddle Board for free, with no extra fee or limited time. Apart from making good deeds for the society, you get to exercise, sweat a little, and bring home a better health. If you are interested in creating fun charity experience with extra free Stand-Up Paddle Board session, or spending your leisure time in creating the maximum benefit to both yourself and society, do not miss your opportunity to participate in TRASH HERO BANGKOK.


From TRASH HERO to TRASH HERO KID, creating new buds and power for the future

TRASH HERO Project welcomes everybody who wants to take part in improving the society in a stable and sustainable way by changing ideas, attitudes, values and behaviors of the people. But in order to achieve this stability and sustainability of TRASH HERO Project, the torch has to be passed to the new generation children, for them to be aware of garbage issue and be part of this sustainable society development from generation to generation. Benefits that kids will receive from participating in TRASH HERO are various, as follows;

1. Building good conscious

As children might not possess the knowledge and understanding regarding the rising of garbage amount in the society or passion towards their community, they might not give importance and neglect littering issue. But if children participate in TRASH HERO KID garbage collecting or many other related activities, it can lead to the better behavior in the future. Especially through direct experiences from the real situation, kids will gain awareness, while realizing the harms of littering and creating conscious towards disposing garbage in provided area.

2. Gaining useful knowledge

Another benefit from participating in the activities is children will get to spend time with members of TRASH HERO who possess knowledge, skills and experiences in managing issues relating to littering and its harm, waste management and separation, and adding benefits or values into trash in various ways. Children will gain knowledge from good examples of adults via first-hand experience, which is a useful knowledge gaining outside of classroom.

3. Spending free time usefully

Instead of spending their free time in front the of television or screen, parents will be able to spend time with the kids in making good deeds for the public in different new locations of TRASH HERO´s areas which is assigned weekly. Their free time can be spent in creating maximum benefit, not only for themselves but also for the community and society in a bigger scale.


4. Children´s behaviors shift for the better 

Undesirable disorganized and self-centered behaviors in children can be prevented by participating in TRASH HERO activities which will explain to them that the rising garbage issue in the city is a result from disorganized and careless group of people who litter, destroying the environment of the society in a big scale such as flooding resulting from trash accumulation, water pollution affecting other living creatures, destroying community´s landscape, global-warming, and many more. Being aware of the issue will create a shift in children’s behavior into a better direction.

5. Creating passion towards to community

When kids participate in cleaning and maintaining their community with TRASH HERO, it is normal for them to feel proud of themselves from taking part in improving the society. In the meantime, this will create passion and the urge to protect and maintain cleanliness of the community. Furthermore, this can lead to children creating new activities for their own community or society.

6. Promoting social skills

Participating in TRASH HERO activities is a good opportunity for children to meet new people from all ages and genders who gather to make good deeds for the society. Interaction and communication required for successful operation is a good practice on children´s social skills and a great boost in confidence, expression and decision-making skills. TRASH HERO is also a great chance for kids to practice their English as there are many foreigner participants from all over the world.


TRASH HERO is a project founded genuinely for the society. It is a project that age, gender, race, color, or social status does not matter. As long as you possess awareness or ideas in creating good things for the society, you are welcome to participate. Especially, participating in trash collecting activity with your family or group of friends is a great way to spend time and creating the maximum benefits for both yourself and the society. TRASH HERO Project regularly conducts waste management activity. Everybody can participate as a volunteer or get more details at our fan page Trash Hero Thailand.

Your 2 little hands can change the world into a better place.


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