How To Transport An Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

March 02, 2016

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) are portable and compact with the advantage of user ability to transport them anywhere by any means available.


How To Transport An Inflatable SUP


By Vehicle Trunk

The most common iSUP transport is in the trunk of a vehicle. Most have backpack carry bags that fit into the trunk of any vehicle easily. If the trunk is big enough, most likely several iSUP will fit in it along with paddles, pump, and accessories. iSUP transport in the trunk is easy and convenient but some users may not want to deflate their boards each time they use them.


By Roof Rack

With a roof rack the board can be tied on top. Damage to the board is unlikely but possible without added protection of pipe insulation, which is quite cheap and easy to find at most hardware stores, on the rack.Attach the pipe insulation to the roof rack and then strap the board down over it, a sure way to protect the iSUP from nicks, scratches, or scrapes. Inflation doesn’t take long, especially with an electric pump, but the roof rack method is a useful option. It is convenient not to have to deflate the board every time, especially in daily use.

Even with no roof rack there are three ways to secure an iSUP to the roof of a vehicle:

– Foam blocks, basically temporary roof racks attached by nylon straps, are inexpensive and easy to install and remove. Not as durable as actual roof racks, they are good for temporary fixes. An iSUP needs foam blocks a little longer than those that secure kayaks.

– Inflatable roof racks are handy for securing iSUPs to rental cars. They deflate and roll up into small packages easily stored in a backpack or suitcase.

– Direct attachment to the vehicle roof is not the way most recommended as there is protection for neither board nor car; however, for short distances and if absolutely necessary, secure the board with the front side down for padding from the footpad.


By Bike

Transport by motorbike or a bicycle needs a trailer to carry the iUSP, not a big trailer because the board is not heavy but easy to pull even for a pedaling user. With the will, bike transport bike is definitely a way.


By Airplane

Transporting an iSUP on an airplane could not be simpler. Store it in its carry bag or place it in a large suitcase and check it in.


By Boat

For travel on large boats, iSUPs can be favorite toys. Ideal for boat lovers, they store away on deck easily. An iSUP is a great way to paddle from boat to shore or to other boats.


By Backpack

Although not all iSUPs are light enough for backpacking over long distances, many definitely can be carried without undue strain to remote waterways. With strength and desire this way is definitely doable. Many iSUP sales include backpack carry bags, a super convenience that typically holds the board, the pump, the repair kit, and sometimes a paddle.


How To Transport An Inflatable SUP


How To Transport An Inflatable SUP


Although It is easy to transport iSUPs anywhere by any means make sure to check the air pressure after finish transport or before use each time.


How To Transport An Inflatable SUP



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