SUP Yoga : the newest fitness trend is not just an exercise.

March 31, 2016

It is undeniable that being healthy and having a nice shape is a universal goal of women nowadays because of not only making them confident but also a reason to add them a schedule of cardio. You are not going to believe there is a sport which altogether put health and relaxation, peace and nature perfectly. We call this trendy activity “SUP YOGA




Before getting into SUP Yoga, let’s know about SUP (You can call SUP or S-U-P) or Stand Up Paddle Surfing first. SUP is a modern aquatic sport popularizes internationally. SUP established in 1940 by a player in Waikiki applying a board surfing along with rowing wave using a one-sided oar. However, it doesn’t need any wave as you can practice in any water source e.g. the sea, the lake, or even in the river. The SUP Yoga is totally a practice of yoga on the surfing board. If you cannot imagine what SUP is, thinking the board as a mat flowing in still water and yourself sitting in it. As you can feel the cool current, touch your face with the wind, breathe the fresh air, and indulge yourself to the nature. You can have freedom right from the start. You will have a peaceful, relax, and lively moment apart from work or study. Once you make a yoga move, you both train and meditate as you have to make the board balance or you will finally get wet. It is a challenging outdoor and a skill training activity. This make SUP Yoga outstands normal yoga training.


SUP Yoga can only practice on water surface. There is no need to be worried if you cannot swim and that will make the SUP Yoga worthless since the board varies from 33 inches up to 55 inches. Even a novice is certainly not going to fall from it easily. If that does not convince you enough, wearing a life vest is considered useful.


“It’s a challenge when you practice the SUP. It doesn’t take much time getting used to its moves. It’s not that hard since the board is wide like a boat even if it’s a bit shaky. You need to ease your move, try to make a grip, and slowly practice each of the moves. You need to focus as the boat shakes or you will lose yourself and fall. If you gradually practice, you won’t. You are able to try though you can’t swim because I can’t as well.” Stamp, Lita Woranit, Yoga teacher at Aerial Factory Bangkok, express her feeling towards practicing SUP at Bueng Tako for the first time. She is delighted to teach us some basics like balance and grip.


There are useful moves for office women in order to do a cardio after a long office hours. The “Cat Cow” is good for your own marrow. You need to perform a bend and stretch your back which is helpful for your marrow flexibility and shoulder stiffness reduction. All you need is kneeling down with both knees and hands apart, as wide as your shoulder. Stretch your arms and face up. Bend your waist as much as possible and hold still. Face down until your chin touches your chest and bend your back up, then dismiss.



Cat Cow Pose | Photo: WeSUP


The next post is “Downward-facing Dog” It is done by stretching your back, Biceps Femoris, and thigh. Start from kneeling down as wide as your hip and place your arms beyond your shoulder a bit as your palms parallel to your body. Then push your knees up, raise your hips until your thigh is stretched with whole feet press the surface, and stretch your knees. Hold this move up to three minutes.



Downward-facing Dog Pose | Photo: WeSUP


Another one is “Side Bend” which helps stretching both sides of your oblique muscles. By standing with two arms raises and bend to the left side. Hold still, repeat, and switch side.



Side Bend Pose | Photo: WeSUP


One more move is “Back Bend”, stand up , lean back and hold still.This helps stretching your back and relaxation which benefits for those sitting with their back shrinking for a long time.



Back Bend Pose | Photo: WeSUP


The last one is “Twist”. Sit on the floor and prolong your legs. Cross your foot over the outside of your left upper leg. Bend your right knee maintaining your left knee pointed toward ceiling. Maintain your left-hand man on the flooring behind you to stay steady and put your right arm joint to the beyond your left knee. Spin to the left as for you can, relocating from your abdominal area. Make sure to keep both sides of your butt on the floor. Do this on both sides.The goal is to relax your back muscle and ease backache.



Twist Pose | Photo: WeSUP


All of these are examples of SUP which help reduce an office syndrome after a long day.


SUP Yoga is a practice of yoga on a surfing board. Beginners should train sitting or try any move making body contact to a board to improve balance before advancing to another step. You can begin with standing only on one foot on a board which uses less space. Also, SUP Yoga helps increase major core work than common yoga since every move and breath taking of SUP yoga uses your body center and every muscle needs to remain still to make balance and make SUP yoga more practical.


Kate, Manassanant Areewongsilp, a yoga teacher and a friend of Stamp, whom invited to play SUP yoga for the first time, saying SUP as a favorable sport for everybody. She insists it that even inexperience people can practice it with ease. Moreover, SUP yoga promotes boat sailing and cardio workout as it is new and interesting. As Kate also practice yoga, she feel excited and fun as it happens in the water. “SUP practice makes us considerable since we need to focus on the balance, make peace in our mind, and challenge ourselves with discovery.” She added.


SUP is appropriate for those having not tried yoga or an experienced one but yet to try the SUP. This is the chance to experience a new hot challenging and enjoyable sport you should try since SUP is not only just a sport but also a body training. It also allows us to have good health and nice body. It hit you, isn’t it? Try it and you’ll love it.




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Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!