June 03, 2016

Bikini bodies are best chiseled during summer. Therefore, here bikini bodies are created out of the water. Stand-up paddle boarding is a fantastic workout by its standards. But make no mistake, our small groups are ideal for SUP’s goal to build muscles. Here is a little secret; to excite your SUP workout all you need to do is add core-crunching abdominal exercise. Ideally, as you combine the much-needed balance to stay on the board with target-oriented exercises… results? A to-die-for babe tummy.

We’ve formulated fun, easy-to-follow core-crunching workout just for you ladies to enjoy your stand up paddle board. After this, you can toss out your one piece! Hey, guys, this workout will work wonders for you as well. Fair enough?

Getting started

As you may be aware, you’ll need to engage in a considerable amount of movement on the board. Also, it is important to do your SUP Flat Stomach Workout in the calm water, for instance in a bay or lake. The idea is you avoid rogue waves which disrupt your workout by knocking you off your board. Before anything else you need to be comfortable with SUP—an effective workout as it were—we won’t be adding in any other exercises at this point. Keep in mind most exercises are done with you lying down on your paddle board. First, we need to reach your perfect exercise spot. You can do this by identifying the center of gravity and getting it focused then you’ll contract your core muscles and progressively get to a sitting position. Finally, you lay down on your paddleboard. In a nutshell, your motions at this juncture have to be at a slow and steady gait.

Eight moves to get to a Flatter Stomach

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Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is one great way to get your muscles warmed up. First lay down, legs stretched out, legs raised up a some inches above the ground, with your hands under your head also make sure your elbows are pointed outward. Draw your left knee and elbow to a meeting point then return to starting position. Do likewise for the other side—right knee to elbow. We call these the obliques, they work your side abdominals. You can bid those unsightly “love handles” goodbye. Repeat once for both sides and do this 10-15 times.


Reverse Crunch

Similar to the bicycle crunch, this move focuses on “stubborn areas.” Lying face-upwards with your arms stretched towards the bottom of your paddleboard, keeping your palms pressed down. Raise your legs skyward; remember to maintain your leg at a slightly bent position. Let them stay in that position. After which you’ll squeeze your abdominals, draw on your ab power, raise your butt up just a few inches, and in a controlled motion lower your backside. Here is the deal, draw on your ab strength don’t use the momentum of your legs to accomplish this movement. The Reverse Crutch works the lower abdominals—“tummy pooch.” Do this 10-15 times.



We all love this one. For this one, lie on your stomach, toes tucked under and forearms positioned firmly on your board. Push upwards using your arms and toes, maintain the straightened position and guess what… there goes… the plank! Using all you have got in you, it is crucial that your contract, all in all, this means: stomach, arms, legs and don’t forget…butt. Visualize pulling in all these parts, harder and tighter till everything are up and in. Oh, please breath! To do this effectively, breathe in slow using your nose and exhale through your mouth. All this in 60 seconds flat!


Vertical Leg Crunches

Much like a standard crutch but with full impact. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle with your board, cross your ankles if you like. Follow this with putting your arms behind your head to obtain a crunch position. Then draw your upper body towards your legs all the while ensuring your neck is safe and aligned to your head. Awkward right? Don’t worry soon you’ll be spotting an enviable bikini body. Do this 10-15 times.


Flutter Kick

On your back, again, arms extended by your sides. Pull in your abdominals and raise your left leg skyward, aim at 35-degree angle with your board. Maintain your legs straight and controlled, change sides, bring your right leg down and raise your left leg to the reverse position. Your legs needed to be off the board and lifted up the whole time with the lowered leg up at the raised position of at least an inch. In essence, your upper body should hold still even though you have leg movement. Your legs should be the picture of a pair of scissors and your abs a washboard. One repetition: both sides. Do this 10-15 times.


Side Plank

Once again our beloved plank but with something exciting. Lay on your side one foot upon the other. Then, using one forearm push up, your hand aligned to where you’re looking, plant the other on your hip—for balance. Also, it looks great. Using your whole body assume a firm stance, keeping straight and your bottom hip lifted all through. Change sides and repeat. Remember to maintain 60 seconds on each side.


Mountain Climbers

We are nearly done with the workout, so we need to up it a notch higher. Here is how, take the high plank position, place your hands immediately under your shoulders and arms straightened out. Draw your right knee over to your left arm then return to start, next, take your left knee to meet your right arm and return. You may want to intensify your speed till gradually both your legs slice the air simultaneously. Fantastic movement for burning up calories as well as building muscles! One rep: both sides. Do this 10-15 times.


Regular Crunches

Finally, just one more to go then we’re done. How about a good old-fashioned slowdown? Standard crunches. Don’t take them for granted—they work! Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle, ensure your calves remain parallel to your board. Assume the hands behind your head position and elbows pointed outward and back. Crunch up while your legs are steady on. Do this 10-15 times.


We made it! Isn’t it great? The SUP Flat Stomach Workout is your own customized workout. You are loaded with ammunition for that great bikini body. You may want to try your workout first on dry land—get comfortable with the movements. As for the repetitions, it is okay to start with 5-10 then progressively get to the ultimate 15 belly-burners. Let’s see you at the beach, then.


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