SUP Workout for slim-fitting legs and cellulite defeating

August 27, 2016

SUP Workout helps you to get your legs slim fit. Wear your shorts or bikini with more confidence. Due to the hot weather of Thailand, it would make most girls love to wear shorts. However, some of them struggle and worry about their thigh.

Here it is, WeSUP provides you the Stand Up Paddle workout poses to get your thigh be well-fitting, eliminate the excess fat includes cellulite that might cause you the anxiety. The poses would make you more confident when wearing shorts or bikini

SUP Workout for LegSUP Workout for Leg

SUP WORKOUT for your thigh tighten.

1. One Leg Raise Pose
• Lie your back on the Stand Up Paddle board, bent your right leg and put your feet on the paddle board.
• Straight your left leg, put you toe upright.
• Lift you left leg up slowly for 12 times then repeat with your right leg for 12 times
• Do it with your both leg called 1 set, repeat the pose 3-4 sets.

2. Inner Thigh Leg Lift Pose
• Lie your side on the Stand Up Paddle board, put your arm underlay your head to balance
• Stright your beneath leg and bent your upper leg, get you knee up and push it down until you knee touch the Stand Up Paddle board.
• Lift your straight leg up and down 12 times a set. Switch you side, and repeat the pose.
• Do it with your both leg called 1 set, repeat the pose 3-4 sets.

3. Air Bike Pose
• Start with lay you back down on the Stand Up Paddle board.
• Straight both arms on the paddleboard to help balancing or you can hold the board with both arms.
• Lift both legs straight up and start biking in the air.
• Left and right counted as 1, do it 20 times a set. Repeat the pose 3-4 sets.
4. Donkey Side Kick Pose
• Start with clawling pose, put both hands on the Stand Up Paddle board. Set you hand align with both knees, straight you arms and split you knees straight to your hip.
• Straight the left leg, use you right knee as the base on paddleboard.
• Set you back upright the paddleboard, kick you left leg and draw it to the left hand side to touch the water surface beside the board.
• Draw your left leg back in semi-circle way, put it back to the previous position slowly.
• Do it as a set, 12 time per set. Then switch to another leg. Do it with your both leg counted as 1 set, repeat the pose 3-4 sets.

5. Side Leg Raise Pose
• Start with standing up and spread both legs alight with your shoulder.
• Hold the paddle at front of you, hold it with your most opened and straight arms. Hold the paddle with both hands to help balancing.
• Put you body weight at you right leg, slowly lift you left leg to aside about 45 degree and put in the same position, count as 1.
• Repeat 10 times and switch to another side for 10 times, count as 1 set. Repeat the pose 3-4 sets.
When you lift your leg up, remember that your leg must be straighted. You can make it harder by lifting your leg higher.

6. Calf Raises Pose
• Start with standing at the middle of Stand Up Paddle Board. Put both feet together and put your palm in salute together at your chest.
• Put both feet on the tiptoe and stand on your tiptoe
• Stay at the pose for 5-10 seconds and back to the previous pose.
• Do it 20 time a set, repeat the pose 3-4 sets.
This pose would help you relax your muscles after other poses exercising.

How is it? For newbie girls that just started Stand Up Paddle training, you don’t have to do it as same as mentioned. Just keep trying regularly. We guarantee that you will found it is not to be worried to wear shorts anymore.


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