SUP Thailand Ambassador Day 4: Beach Mission

July 26, 2016

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How time flies! We have reached the 4th day of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016.

As we mentioned before that for the 4th and 5th day, we would change the location from Stand Up Paddle Station at Taco Lake to more challenging streamline. When our SUP brand ambassadors, Khun Fah, and the coaches arrived at Pattaya, which the sky is so clear on that day, the sun is so bright and shines to welcome everyone to the city. We are not that heartless to get everyone changes their clothes and goes through the training program activities. We surprised everyone, especially Coach Daniel and Bruno, by taking them to visit and travel around Pattaya for the half day. This brought everyone happiness and joy.

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After the relaxation in the half morning, Coach Daniel and Bruno called everyone under the big tree to introduce and explain about conditions in training. The Stand Up Paddle players have to be careful twice more due to this is their first time for Stand Up Paddle playing in the sea, absolutely that it has more challenge and harder than the tide they had trained in the previous time.

In addition, Coach Daniel had teaches everyone to install the fin, which is the significant part of paddle board. He explained that the equipment for installing the fin is fin, template and screw. How to install the fin to paddle board are listed below:

How to put fin?

  1. Put the template in the fin slot.
  2. Select the fin location. Fin could be installed at front or back as desire.
  3. Put the fin in the slot, which has the hole for screw to the template.
  4. Screw the fin and template tightly then recheck it again.

DSCF6662 DSCF6672

As soon as coach Daniel signal to allow everyone to the sea. Our SUP players hasten to get the board and paddle to the sea joyfully. However, the wind and tide are so strong, some players could not balance themselves and fell down the board. That does not depress them but yet brought the joy and motivated them to attempt more.

DSCF6574 DSCF6762

Activities in the afternoon are learning about paddling and getting used to the sea tide, which swings more than any other tides. Both coaches let the Stand Up Paddle player paddling their board for 4 kilometers like they are going on the trip, which has sped up and slowed down moment. Also group drafting or paddling in the row. Everyone took no so long to be a part of the sea tide and enjoy paddling in the sea.

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The highlight activity is not the paddling in the afternoon, but it is the evening event after everyone got on the ground and took their time to relax. When the sunset, coach brought everyone play Stand Up Paddle along the sunset and its shining light. We could tell that it’s the most beautiful moment more than words to describe. The things that stuck everyone with this time longer than sunset is they found that they are a part of the beautiful mother of nature.



This is the only one thing that could be found only in Stand Up Paddle playing, which provides you the opportunity to be a part of the beautiful nature as long as you wish. Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to Pattaya with the Session Sunrise. If you would like to know how beautiful is, stay tuned!!





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