Day 3: From Taco Lake to Chao Phraya River

July 21, 2016


Another day with the clear sky as the halfway of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016, the activity on the third day is the last day that our 6 brand ambassadors and our special guest, Khun Fah, would take place at Taco Lake. Hence the next 2 days, Day 4 and 5, all the Stand Up Paddle players would go to “Pattaya” and be back for the last day, day 6 at Ta-co pond. Guarantee that the challenges of Pattaya tide absolutely would bring fun and joy to everyone tenfold.

_DSC0643 _DSC0616

At the beginning of Ta-co pond farewell day, coach Daniel and Bruno has the body stretching for everyone to prepare for the upcoming activities.


After the warming, coaches introduced us to the Prone Paddling or prone on the paddle and used both hands bail the water to go forward. The benefits of prone are helped the Stand Up Paddle players be a part of board and water. This makes the players feel the tide movement which effects to the time that player are standing and paddling. They could balance themselves and the most important is in the case of losing the paddle, prone would help you get through the situation, make you and your board safe and sound. However, the advantage of Starboard paddle is it always floats. Don’t worry that it would sink away.

DSCF6208 DSCF6183

After Prone Paddling training, coaches brought everyone through the advanced techniques that help increase the speed in Stand Up Paddle playing, Spring Boarding. For all Stand Up Paddle players, spring boarding is extremely challenged. Some of professional Stand Up Paddle players took 4 years to achieve this technique until skillfully. Players need to notice the way to move with the paddleboard. Springing, preparing and balancing for springboarding for the paddleboard that is able to float on the water faster. Includes the rhythm of paddling has to be according to the-the body rhythm to helps springboard go forward. The technique that coach Daniel leaves to us is wide and fast paddling continue to get the paddle board spring itself with the regular rhythm would help maintain the movement speed.


We have learned 2 lessons as Prone Paddling and Spring Boarding. After the lunch break, we have moved to the Stand Up Paddle Station, which is the sports club near Jao Phraya River. Certainly that we had change the training area from Ta-co pond to Jao Phraya River. Coach Daniel and Bruno brought Khun Fah and our brand ambassadors through the highlight lesson as Drafting or Stand Up Paddle playing in the form of long queuing similar to group cycling then fold into the role form on the road. In Drafting, the player at the front would make the water waving for the following player. The leading player’s paddleboard would be under the next player’s paddleboard. Drafting would help save the energy for the group player. It is especially fun and helps create the team working to each other on the team.

_DSC0681 _DSC0699

_DSC0782 _DSC1041

Our 6 brand ambassadors and special guest have learned the river paddling skill which has the determinant as a wave, the wind and streams different from Taco Lake which is the close water area. Paddling in the river is much difficult but more challenged.
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However in a great Drafting, the leading player is in charged to apprise the weather, wave, any obstacles and semaphore to everyone in the team to prepare and cope that has to speed up, slow down paddling or avoid the obstacle to provide the best safety to the procession. Our Stand Up Paddle players did really well by Drafting in a group and enjoy paddling in Chao Phraya River.


Drafting is the wind-up technique before the next day that everyone would paddling and drafting in Pattaya Sea tied. Absolutely that the weather and wave would be much different from Stand Up Paddling at Taco Lake or Stand Up Paddle Station. Stay tuned for Day 4 and 5 of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016 at Pattaya Beach. What kind of situation is waiting of our brand ambassadors? How strong the wave and the wind are? How much fun it’s going to be.
Let’s try, we’ll know.



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