Last day adventure with SUP Thailand Ambassador

July 29, 2016


Thailand Paddling_Silver Lake Pattaya

Thailand Paddling_Silver Lake Pattaya


SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR till the last day.

The scene of the sunset on Day 4 activity of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016 at Pattaya Beach still impresses in our heart. At the dawn of Day 5, everyone had to wake up and prepare themselves for the Session Sunrise activity. Coach Daniel and Bruno brought Stand Up Paddle players to Silver Lake around 5 AM. in the morning before sunrise.

It’s the noteworthy moment not less than yesterday, our brand ambassadors and Khun Fah paddling on their paddleboard along Silver Lake tide with the bright gold sunrise. This brought everyone the fresh air like that seems to be hard to find. After the Sunrise Session, our Stand Up Paddle players moved to Amara Water Sport to practice the Beach Paddling technique before heading to Ta-co pond to prepare for the highlight activity, Trash Hero, in the afternoon.

Sunrise at Silver Lake Pattaya_WeSUP Ambassador

Sunrise at Silver Lake Pattaya


The most highlight activity of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016 for Trash Hero activity, Not only the United of Stand Up Paddle players but it also united of the volunteer is conservationist and nature-lover to help clean up the garbage. And to create the livable society, clean up our world. No matter who are you, how old are you or where you come from. Just would like to be a part of it and love the adventure sport, we could help each other create our livable world together.

Trash Hero Bangkok 7_WeSUP

Trash Hero Bangkok 5_WeSUP  Trash Hero Bangkok 6_WeSUP


Trash Hero activity took place at Taco lake at 1 PM. Started with the basic introduction of Stand Up Paddle Boarding to over 200 volunteers. Hence everyone wouldn’t just clean up the garbage, but we would clean up the garbage by paddling along the canal around Luang Pho Toh temple or Wat Bangplee Yainai. The basic teaching was fine. Before the Trash Hero mission, everyone matched and wear helmet and life suit to each other for safety.

Trash Hero Bangkok_WeSUP  Trash Hero Bangkok 1_WeSUP


After everyone had got ready for the activity, we headed to Bangplee canal beside Ta-co pond. Having the basket at the front of the paddleboard, both hand paddling with earnestness along the canal. The garbage found and it was immediately put in the basket. This is the first time of clean up trash while playing Stand Up Paddle. It is the most joyful trash cleaning and amazing Stand Up Paddling in the world.

Trash Hero Bangkok 2_WeSUP  Trash Hero Bangkok 3_WeSUP

Trash Hero Bangkok 4_WeSUP  Trash Hero Bangkok 4_WeSUP


Also, everyone joined the Stand Up Paddle trash cleaning on the water. On the ground around Luang Pho Toh temple, we had to Stand Up Paddle players and volunteers that finish their water mission helped clean up the trash among the allies. For Trash Hero activity at Taco lake, we collected the trash up to 2,500 kilograms or 2 and a half tons!! This is incredible!!!


Trash Hero Bangkok 2016_WeSUP

After Trash Hero activity, clearly than the cleanliness both in the water and on the ground around Wat Luang Pho Toh is the smile and happiness from more than 200 people who had joined our activity. WE SUP THAILAND hopefully that we could arrange this great event and let everyone join to create a livable society in the future.

After the brand ambassadors was educated a lot from both coaches. Here comes the last activity that is certification commending to our brand ambassadors to confirm that everyone passes the Stand Up Paddle course and able to publicize fully and teach the Stand Up Paddle interested.

SUP Thailand Ambassador 2_WeSUP

SUP Thailand Ambassador 1_WeSUP

The atmosphere is full of joy and happiness. Everyone took photos together before disband to their weekday. The coaches remind them to practice regularly to improve their paddle.

SUP Thailand Ambassador_WeSUP

For 5 days of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016, we believed that our brand ambassadors and special guests or anyone that continually followed us had experienced the charming of this sport. Or maybe you might already fell in love with Stand Up Paddle.

All good things come to and end, also SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016. Finally, the last day and activity were finished, but WE SUP THAILAND promise that we would arrange the events to provide you the great opportunity and amazing experience to from Stand Up Paddle water sport. We would be another power to encourage Stand Up Paddle Board becomes the popular sport in Thailand and push the Thai Stand Up Paddle Athletes forward to the world competition.

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