February 09, 2018

Getting on SUP activities are a great way to build healthy mind and body, but how about enjoying your SUP in an exotic place or going out to see the world with SUP is just like an open door to new experiences. Some of you may have a chance to be in the country, and some might want to explore our wonderful world to see new cultures or places, using SUP to get in touch with local people.

Here, WeSUP brings 7 world-class SUP Spot locations that worth a visit for the recommendation in today’s article. Where they are and what they go, let’s go check it out!


SUP Spot Bali


Bali, Indonesia

Get you to the first place, Bali in Indonesia. As famous for its beauty, the abundance of nature, Bali becomes a top destination for many people. Let’s say that here, in addition to the beautiful beach, crystal clear water, full of fascinating culture, Bali is also the heaven of surfers around the world to visit and enjoy their water sports such as SUP or Surf. Bali, as well, has a SUP training school and surfing taught by the experts with a wide selection of equipment. If you are lucky enough, you may get some chance to give a handshake with world-class surfer all over the world here. For anyone who wants to get a surf vibe, you can enjoy it almost at any beach in Bali, because most beaches have strong winds. Or if you want to find a SUP spot with perfect calm wave here, it is recommended to get your SUP vibe at Medewi Beach or Balian Beach at the north of Bali.

If you are a SUP lover, Bali is a MUST place to visit once in a lifetime.



Credit: http://globoesporte.globo.com

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For those who like the taste of Latin or South America culture, visiting Brazil, in particular, the city of Rio de Janeiro, which the most famous city of Brazil, this is like your dream comes true. If you do not get it yet, just imagine the landmark of this city like a large statue of Jesus on the hill. You will say “Ah~” and visualize immediately. As another great tourist attraction of Brazil, Copacabana is a water activity centre and another SUP Spot that is suitable for SUP touring hence you can feel the 360 degrees of city scenario with the very big Jesus statue, warm weather and calm wave throughout the year. Combining with the city view, Copacabana became a fascinating charm that is remarkable.




Perth, Australia

As you know, Australia is one of the world’s most popular water sports city. The high and jumbo waves at almost all year round make Perth becomes one of the most popular surf destinations in the world. Frankly, not all of Australia’s corner will have big waves. Perth, on the west side of Cottesloe Beach, is a paradise for SUP lover! A beach is a perfect place for a group picnic all over the year. With it has warm weather and the friendly atmosphere of the people here, this beach is a place to spend the rest of your vacation days. Let’s say there will be water sports equipment service lined throughout the beach. There is also a club for water activities for you to go hang out and enjoy chitchat along the beach as well. If you are a SUP lover, Perth is a must-visit place for sure.


New Zealand


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Imagine about New Zealand, it’s absolutely yes a country with beautiful scenery full of stunning views at almost every square meter as it has an abundance of nature. Another perfect place to enjoy your SUP vibe is Bay of Islands, about 240 km far away at the north of Auckland. This is called “ Northern Territory without winter”, which means you have the opportunity to experience warm and clear weather all year round, is a place to play safely and carefree. During your SUP activities, you will be surrounded by the beautiful nature of the islands and the tranquillity of this place. New Zealand is another place that is suitable for relaxing and charging your life power.



Credit: www.endlessadventureshawaii.com

Hawaii – USA

If you image the best sea site in the United States, the first answer that many people think of inevitable is Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, which consists of 137 beautiful islands. Each island is home to a variety of volcanic, rich green mountains, beautiful beaches and peaceful bay. Hawaii has also a multitude of cultures, including a mix of eastern and western hemisphere cultures as well as it offers both relaxation and natural abundance. Eventually, if you come to Hawaii, activities that should not be missed are SUP and SURF, because the waves are calm and perfectly in a good height so surfers and SUP lover can enjoy their activities endlessly. In case you want to know how beautiful and great nature will be, you’ve to be there in Hawaii real quick.



Credit: http://sunresorts.mytrainingrewards.com/


Everybody should be in Maldives once in a lifetime. Nowadays, planning a trip is simply and easy, also the cost is more affordable. The more you pack in a group, the more penny you save. Maldives is an island located in the Indian Ocean. It also has the natural beauty of the sea and beautiful seaside scenery. There are plenty of coral resources, coral reefs and over 1,000 species of fish. As well as the waves here are easy to get some down streaming, even you are newbies or a pro, you will enjoy it for sure! For those who want to be here, you have got to hurry packing up your paddleboard because Maldives may disappear from the world map soon due to global warming in less than a hundred years.

Andaman Sea Thailand

Andaman Sea

Credit: เชษฐา นุ้ยเล็ก


Thailand is a country of the beautiful sea, crystal clear water, nature abundant as foreign tourists praise Thailand seaside is a paradise of sea lovers who wish to be back again and again.

The Andaman Sea is the perfect place to do your SUP at all seasons because the waves are not very strong and nature is beautiful, the weather is good, the prices are inexpensive, the people are so friendly. Both Thai and foreign visitors always love to be here. If you would like to get some extreme SUP, you can visit Khao Lak or Phuket for SUP racing or adventuring. Or if you want to see the exotic nature as you never seen, traversing down the trail along the rocky island in the heart of the sea at Tha Lane is a good idea as well.

People say travelling is learning and growing in another form of life. The more you go and do what you love, the more you learn and get some charge up. If you still have some time to be out and widen your world, why not let SUP be a part of it? It’s perfectly good for your health and mind.

Come on! Try it or leave it!


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