SUP Fin : Know How-to Pick Your SUP Board Fins

December 26, 2015

Besides the boards, another important thing for standup paddling is fin, which hides away underneath. Fin is a very important part of the Standup Paddle Board and actually Many SUP enthusiasts will change their fins quite often depending on the water conditions. Without the fins, you would probably spin in circles. Although your choice of fins also depends on how you SUP, below are just some basic info on common types of fins that you can choose to setup your board. However, if you still find it hard to pick your fin, most SUP companies normally give suggestions on what fins match with what SUP boards. Or else, go on to the Demo Day to try as many as possible until you find the right one.


1. Large Single Fin Setup

Just like the wide variety of board shapes and lengths available today, there are various designs, shapes, and sizes for single or centered fin. This is because different fins will cause your board to respond in totally different ways. In general, you should have one large fin (range from 8-10″ in length) directly in the back center of the board near the tail. This fin acts as a helper to track the board on the flat water or face of the wave while surfing.


2. The 3 Fin Setup

The 3-fin or 2-fin setups are considered multi-fin. These multi-fin setups are very useful especially in surfing because of its dynamic interaction with the rider, the board, and the wave. However, multi-fin setup can add drag against paddling in flat water.  This 3-fin setup is normally called “a thruster” because you can thrust water through the fins and go faster on a wave. This setup promotes straight tracking on flatwater and offers good control in surf.



Again, if you still feel a bit unsure of how to setup your fins, most SUP companies normally give suggestions on what fins match with what SUP boards. Or else, go on to the Demo Day offered by your local distributors to try out as many boards and fins as possible until you find the right one for you.


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