SUP Extra Must-Haves

December 26, 2015

When you go stand-up paddling, apart from the usual boards and paddles, you definitely need extra gears to make your trip not only fun, but also safe.

Here, We SUP gives you a list of extra must-haves.


1. Personal Flotation Device or PFD/Life Jacket


PFD is the most important piece of equipment you can take with you on the water. In some countries, PFD or life-jackets are required by law when paddling outside the surf or swim zones. Even if you’re the best swimmer around, if you’re planning to paddle out away from shore, it is still recommended that you strap it along just in case. You never know what could happen in deep water, and a life jacket could ultimately save your life. Care tip: if you paddle in salt water, wash your life jacket with fresh water regularly to protect your gear from weathering.



2. Leash

_MG_2775  _MG_2765

With a Velcro strap wrapping around your ankle, a leash keeps your paddle board from floating away. It can be important for your safety when you fall off and currents and winds quickly sweep your paddle board away from you. The ideal length of the leash should be approximately the same length of your board.


3. Proper Clothing

What you wear will depend on where you SUP and the weather condition. Just do not wear for beauty; wear it for protection too. For warm-water paddling, you might need just a pair of shorts and a T-ship. But for those who want to have more protection, they can go for a waterproof shirt with an SPF of 30, paddling booties, and a brimmed hat. Cold water paddling requires more gears to stay warm and safe. Bring along a wet or dry suit, a neoprene hood, neoprene gloves, and a fleece hat is never going to hurt.


4. Other Life Saving Device

Like other sports, standup paddling has its own list of essentials. For both beginners and experts alike, the items that you should bring along in a dry bag whenever you are out and about are the following: handheld flares, a whistle, a mobile phone, some energy bars, waterproof LED light, a compass, sunglasses, sunscreen, and an emergency blanket. Going out with just a board and a paddle isn’t going to be enough, we say.


Now, we are all set.

Be safe and have fun SUPing!


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Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!