8 very interesting place to SUP in Pattaya

January 25, 2016

Speaking of an attraction near Bangkok, Pattaya is the best place to play SUP, because it contains various tourist attractions which serve different types of travelers whether those who love entertainment, travel with friends, water sports at heart or just want to let loose with family or lover. Let’s explore the 8 attraction which we carefully selected for you to SUP!


Na Kluea or Wong Amat Beach


Photo from :  ThaiHRhub

Na Kluea located in Northern Pattaya Gulf, It serenity make it popular for the surfer and it is a center of windsurfing activity in the city. They also offer a full set of rental equipment.


Na Jum Tien Beach

Na_jomtien_beach (1) 

Photo from :  CBRE and Avilita

The beach lay on the Southeast of Pattaya next to Jum Tien beach with 6 kilometers long and pure white sand. It’s suitable for water sports because of it crystal clear water, serenity, and balmy weather. Most travelers visit here to windsurfing, swimming etc. Moreover, you can find various shops and restaurants along the beach, it’s truly great for relaxing.


Sanctuary of Truth

Photo by : WeSUP

You can find Sanctuary of Truth at Ratchaweat cape, Bang Lamung District. Chonburi. the Sanctuary of Truth is an all- wood building designed in Thai tetrahedron mix style from early Ayutthaya period till Rattanakosin period. Inside the Sanctuary, you will meet with savvy wood sculpture in every corner. If you love arts, you can visit here and immune yourself in the beauty of the building and nature surrounded it.


Wong Phrachan Beach

Photo from :  ThaiHRhub

Wong Phrachan Beach is at the Northen part of Pattaya, it’s a small beach in the shape of eclipsed moon at the end of the beach you can spot the Sanctuary of Truth. the beach gives you a sense of the nature closing in on you. The atmosphere is recommended for the travelers who looking for a lay low time with family or over during Honeymoon


Pattaya Beach

Photo from :  DHTravel

The beach was shaped in half of circle of the moon with 4 kilometers and a street parallel with the beach. The middle till the south of the beach is packed with restaurants, department stores, and nightlife- entertainment complex. It’s for those who looking to have fun. On the contrary to the Northern part of Pattaya which full of small resorts and hotels in a peaceful atmosphere, sense of privacy which can lighten up your heavy heart. You can even stroll along the beaches.


Sak Island

Sak Island

Photo from :  Tinyzone.tv

Koh Sak or Sak Island is six hundred kilometers away from Koh Larn that looks like a face-up horseshoe. It has beaches on both sides, one at the Northen Gulf where tourist cruise is docked

and let travelers enjoy swimming. Another beach is at the south of the island, it’ a tiny beach with 80 meters long, carol reefs located in the front of the beach. Travelers can enjoy snorkeling or take Glass-bottom boat to marvel the carol reefs. The beaches also as connected to each other.


Larn Island ( Koh Larn )

Photo by : WeSUP

The tops hit tourist attraction of Pattaya, 7 kilometers from Pattaya shore. Koh Larn has many gorgeous beaches crowded with travelers who enjoy swimming, snorkeling or other water sports such as Boat parachute, Jet Kki, and Scooters. Especially, at Tawaen Beach, Thong Lang Beach, Nual Beach and Tein Beach, nevertheless, Samae has the best atmosphere among them all. Koh Larn or other small islands such as Koh Krok or Sak is the place for snorkeling, diving, and training centers for diving too.


Silverlake Vineyard

Photo from : Eat at Pattaya

Silverlake Vineyard located near Chi Chan in approximately 4800 Acres, the vineyard has a big reservoir and when the sun is setting, it ray will gaze the water surface, make it simmering which is why the vineyard is called Silverlake. Apart from a sight to behold of the place, the Vineyard have fresh grape, processed grape, wine, restaurant and tourist bus for the vineyard excursion. Moreover, they offer a close to nature accommodation exclusively here in Chonburi.


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