SUP 11-city tour : Introducing you to know at the first time for Thai athlete

September 18, 2017

What is SUP 11 city tour and why this competition is interesting for SUP athletes?

From the last article, we know that the SUP 11 city tour is a SUP paddling race with the longest distance to 220 km. For more understating, let’s get to know this “SUP 11 city tour ultimate challenge 220 kilometres,” competition a little bit more.” this full name will be used to call this race.




For the race, SUP players need to paddle across the city to 11 cities for 5 days and 40 kilometers per day, which is a very challenging challenge for SUP athletes, and each city will have a different feeling to SUP with its atmosphere that is not the same, some cities may be cold, rainy, or there may experience a storm. We could say that this considered to be the charm of the competition.

Question: What cities this competition takes place?

Paul: Actually, the route in this competition was used before in the ice skating race. But during the tournament, the weather is not that cold and icy. For this year’s route, it will take place in the Netherlands, start a course from Leeuwarden and through the following cities: Leeuwarden, Boksum, Weidum, Easterwierum, Deersum, Scharnegoutum, Sneek, Ijlst, Osingahuizen, Woudsen and ending in Sloten itself.

In the race, there will be a break in the cities to let the paddler get a meal or take a break. In this competition, the participants need to be very strong, because standing on the board over the water for long periods of time requires a lot of hard training and also have a lot of expertise. It also requires a good planning in the paddling. Don’t forget that you have to paddle across the 11 cities.By this competition. The charm is that you do not have to compete with anyone, just compete with yourself, try to get yourself to the finish line is enough. Because paddling to the finish line is the most important. Like Paul had answered us, “I just want to be the first two Thai paddlers to join the competition and be able to paddle to the end of the match. That’s enough for me.”

And Joe added that “Think about it, like hiking a mountain, the climax is Everest climbing. If you can climb to the top, you are considered to be the ultimate climber. Same as this competition. “SUP 11 city tour ultimate challenge 220 kilometres” is also the most challenge of the SUP race.


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