June 17, 2016

As a hot summer approaches, many people would love to do something that will reduce the heat. There are many ways to reduce the hotness from the heat. Today, we would like to suggest you one amazing activity which is not only just exercise but if you practice enough, you can go for the international championship!! This sport is called SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). It is a new water sport that many people are interested in. Even Thailand had won an SUP championship hold in Japan.

First place 1.5kmWaterman League Victoria Cup 2016 tournament held in Japan is an SUP -Stand Up Paddle Board competition which had several categories for people to choose to compete both for the professional competition to retain the World Championship and for the general public. Today, we would like to introduce you Khun Joe – Chaiwut Puengthong, one of the executive of SUP Station who just won the tournament in Japan Series Open 1.5 kilo in general public competition. He was the first competitor from Thailand that won this tournament. Let’s see how he succeeded.


Chiwut the winner of Water Japan League
WeSUP: Before SUP, is there any particular sport that you have been doing? And how did you know SUP?

Chaiwut : I play lots of sports, from Golf to Jet Ski. I jet skiing for a long time since Jay won his Championship. And I know SUP from Paul, he has been doing SUP for a long time and he is an expert in this sport. Everybody in SUP circle knows him so well.


WeSUP: What is your motivation to do this sport?

Chaiwut : First thing first, SUP station supported any pro athlete to participate in this competition. Paul, the other executive and I flew to Japan to observe the competition and at that time we knew that the competition was open to public for 3000 baht. At first I thought that I will just have fun and get a free T-shirt.


WeSUP : How long have you do SUP? And did you train to do so?

Chaiwut : I started doing SUP 6 months ahead the competition, like I said, I didn’t have any intention to compete anyone so I didn’t prepare anything, just wanted to join the other athletes and have fun. I wanted to see what the real competition looks like. I just put my heart on it.


WeSUP : Tell me how was the tournament was like.

Chaiwut : Wow, umm..I had so much fun. Japanese people really interested in this sport..well.. not only Japanese people because I saw a lot of westerners, in different ages; kids, the elders. Everybody was looking forward to this event.

The general public competition had 2 sections; the 1.5 kilometers and 3.00 kilometers. I chose 1.5 kilometer which we had to do the circle row for 1 time but the 3.00 kilometer has to do the circle 2 times. There was 70 people join this competition. They released both 1.5 and 3.00 at the same time. I was in the 4th place when I finished the second round, so that means I was the first one who finished the round in 1.5 kilometers category.


WeSUP : How did you feel after you finish the competition?

Chaiwut : I was so glad and happy. I am 55 years old and there were lots of teenagers compete against me. I did not get my hope that high. So I was impressed with myself.

I want to inspire and motivate everybody who interest in this sport. I was not a young teenager, did not train properly but I can master SUP so you can do it too!


WeSUP : What do you think is the most important part of winning this competition?

Chaiwut : You need to do lots of exercise, but more importantly, choosing the SUP Board is the most important part. My SUP board is very light and made from a really good material, so that gave me more advantage than others.


WeSUP : How can SUP different from other sports? And what is your impression to this particular sport?

Chaiwut : SUP is an amazing sport for me. It makes me work every muscle on my body; like Total Body Workout. With 1 SUP Board, you can go anywhere in Thailand, wherever, a pond, a sea, waterfall or even a dam. You just need water, SUP board and a paddle stick. It’s different from other sport because you can do it in any circumstance; not like ski which you will need a boat, or a kite board which you will need a strong wind, but with SUP, just a board and a paddle stick then you can do anything. Also, you will experience the nature. You will know what it feels like to see difference scenario of nature. If you travel with SUP around Thailand, I can ensure that you will experience many amazing feelings and places.


WeSUP : Is there anything to tell our lovely reader about this amazing sport?

Chaiwut : Be open minded, this sport is not only help you work all the muscles but it will take you to places and experience new thing and be with the nature that any other sport cannot do. You can do it with your friends and you family. Give it a try and you will love it.


Thank you for all the useful information from Khun Chaiwut. Now we know that SUP is a really good sport for people in Thailand. Just 1 SUP board and a paddle stick with you to any astonishing places around Thailand; an ocean, or a river, you can do SUP anytime you want! Everyone can do SUP, kids or adults. As Khun Chaiwut said, SUP is an explorer vehicle which means it’s a cheap and convenience water vehicle that other vehicles could not do. You can do SUP in any SEASON!


Now, let’s get to know Mr. Paul, another important executive of SUP Station. He is in an SUP circle for almost 15 years! Let’s see if he has some useful tips for us.


WeSUP : First of all, Please introduce yourself.

Paul : I’m Paul Boonyarattavej. I love every kind of water sports. I have this kind of passion since I was a kid. That is why I study abroad in the marine field. After graduated, I worked at Cobra, an SUP board company for almost 15 years. Then I decided to start up my own SUP paddle stick company with my friends. I was not into it at first because I used to do more extreme sports. However, because I own a paddle stick company, so it is necessary for me to understand how this thing works. At first I was wondering why everybody talks about it a lot and the first time I tried it, I fell in love with it. Like, Khun Joe Chaiwut said, you can do it anywhere, you can do it without the wind and if there was a wind, then you go down with it. We can do it in any situation.

WeSUP : What is the charm of SUP?

Paul : For me, to walk on water and surrounded by nature is the most charm of SUP. You feel welcome from other SUP player as well. It’s different from other machinery sports. It doesn’t hurt anybody, doesn’t cause any pollution, no fuel needed and having Joe as a partner makes it more challenging.


WeSUP : Any advice for girls who want to try SUP but scare of falling and getting wet?

Paul : As I said, you need to be open minded. It’s a water sport so you suppose to get wet, but it does not mean that you will have to get wet all the time. Come to think about it, falling into the water doesn’t hurt. It’s totally going to fresh you up. Different places, different feelings and surely, you can work every muscle on your body.


WeSUP : Any advice for a newbie?

Paul : Other country have tried this sport, and our country has the most amazing beaches and ocean, so it is good to start trying it. We have a really nice weather that is suitable for doing SUP. You can do it anywhere, an ocean, a sea, a river or even a dam. Take you board with you and explore the world.

Now Khun Joe and Khun Paul already gave you the idea of doing SUP. The charm of doing SUP is not only it’s a water sport which works every part of your muscles but it also a good way to live a slow life, no rush and feel the nature surrounded. The most important thing is everybody can do it!

Victoria Cup

With Daniel & Bruno Halsuyo, the racing SUP who they supported.

You can adapt SUP into any kind of sports or exercise. Of course, paddling the board will make you focus and concentrate but you can mix that with Yoga!! Now many people have adapted SUP with Yoga which is called SUP Yoga. The idea of SUP Yoga is to do Yoga on the SUP board while it floating on the water. More challenging than doing yoga on a plain yoga mat isn’t it.

However, this particular sport is really good for our country; we have rivers, oceans, beaches. So what are you waiting for? Take an SUP board and go somewhere this weekend!!! Who knows, you might end up as an SUP champion someday!

If you are interested and would like to try, SUP station is here for you!!! Now we have a special promotion for the training course near Chaophraya River.

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Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!