6 Pose to Stretching your body before workout to prevent injury.

June 20, 2017

            Stretching your body and muscle is very important in your routine before going for a kayak or a match. Stretching is a good way we suggest you do. Although it’s not a hard exercising, we could confirm that it will help you a lot in many ways. Stretching will stimulate and maintain the flexibility of our bodies and let the tendons, which is the connector of our muscles and bones perform well. Also, helps relax your muscle from muscle tension and relieve ache and pain in around physical body.

            In addition, stretching the body is also suitable for athletes to warm the body up before exercising. Stretching could help prevent the pain from exercising and maintain muscle condition to be in the normal state. And for girls, stretching the body helps to strengthen the muscles and blood circulation to perform better. Your skin will look shiny again … Wow!!!

            Now you know how stretching helps you. Wanna try out? But wait.. first, you have to know its principle to get full advantages from it.

Dashama, a leading voice in SUP Yoga, gives us tips on SUP Yoga. | Photo courtesy: Starboard

Dashama, a leading voice in SUP Yoga, gives us tips on SUP Yoga. | Photo courtesy: Starboard

            The priciple of streching your body


            • Before stretching, lightly warm up for 3-5 minutes to stimulate the heart rate and blood flow. Put the proportion of warm-ups and stretches be the same range of time.
            • Stretching should be done slowly, do not snore or do it hard, because it can cause injury. Each pose should hold for 10-30 seconds.
            • During stretching, take a deep and slow breathing to add oxygen to the muscles. If you breathe too fast, your body will get stressed.
            • Stretching should be done at least 3 days a week to be clear.

            Okay, now you know how to stretch your body to get full benefits, let’s start! Today, we have 6 easy poses to start with ☺

            6 Streching Poses to try before you SUP

Stretching the outer muscle and thigh WeSUP Thailand 1tretching the outer muscle and thigh WeSUP Thailand 2

            1. Stretching the outer muscle and thigh

            This position will help to stretch the outer muscles and tendons around your hips to tibia bone. It could help strengthen your knees.
            Start by standing straight, then cross your left leg to the right leg, bend your back down to the front and then straighten your waist for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat 3 to 5 times per side.

Pulling the shoulders WeSUP Thailand

            2. Pulling the shoulders

            Water exercising needs to use significant body part that is shoulders, which must be used all the time while we paddling. Shoulder stretching can help prevent and relieve shoulder injuries. It also helps to cope with your shoulder accident that may occur.

            Start by holding the paddle slightly wider than your shoulders. Start at your waist and slowly pull the paddle up to your chest, lift it, then lift the paddle over your head, slowly turn your shoulders slowly to let the paddle around the back of the head. Then maintain the level of the paddle at your shoulder. Hold it for about 15-30 seconds, then gently pull the paddle back to the starting position and repeat 6 to 8 times as you stretch. You will feel comfortable and relaxed during stretching. You can adjust the width of the hand that holds the paddle.

Hamstring stretching WeSUP Thailand

            3. Hamstring stretching

            The hamstring is a combination of three different muscles, which work together in knee bending, lateral rotation and central rotation. This stretch pose is critically important because it can help prevent back pain and injuries include loosening the tension of the hips.

            Starting from getting a belt, workout belt or long strap, lie your back down on the floor and then attach the straps on your soles. After that stretch as much as possible then lift your legs straight up into the air and pull the strap toward you until you feel your muscle tight at the back of the legs. Finally, pull the strap for about 20 to 30 seconds and repeat 3 to 5 times per leg.

Hip muscles and rotation muscle stretching WeSUP Thailand

            4. Hip muscles and rotation muscle stretching

            Stretching in this pose focus on the lower back, glutes and muscular pisiforms for the body. It also helps in detoxifying the body while stretching and also can help massage the digestive system too.
            Start by sitting cross-legged and slowly lift your left leg to the right. Put your feet on the floor and raise your right hand straightforward, inhale and exhale then slowly rotate your body to the left. Fold your right arm and let the elbows wrap your left thigh and knee. Take a deep and consistent breathing. Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds on each side, repeat 3-5 times.

Wide arm Rotation WeSUP Thailand

            5. Wide arm rotation

            This posture will helps to loosen shoulder muscles and increase blood circulation also helps prevent muscle strain and relieve shoulder pain.

            Start by standing up straight. Lift both arms straight out and turn your arm into a small circle, but do not rotate your wrists or elbows while turning your shoulders. Maintain a continuous rotation of the spine and do it slowly so that you can feel the relaxation of the shoulders while exercising in this pose.

 Stretching the hip WeSUP Thailand

            6. Stretching the hip

            This exercise pose helps to stretch the hip joint muscles and helps reduce numbness that may found in the lower back, legs and feet, which will be met after paddling.

            Start with holding your paddle to create balance during the stretching. Raise your right heel. Place it above your left leg. When standing firmly, bend your body down to your knee a little like squatting. Hold for about 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat 3 to 5 times. This stretching pose could be done when you lie down on the floor or your balance is not stable enough.

            And here are six easy stretch poses that are extremely useful and can help prevent injury during your exercising and paddling. Now, let’s go enjoy your exercising. Don’t you dare claim that you don’t have time to exercise.



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