Picking the Right Paddle : 3 Things to Consider

December 26, 2015


1. The Right Length

Again, how long your paddle is also affected by the SUP activity you do. Here, we have some basic guidelines. For example, if you go for racing, you might want to choose a paddle that is a bit longer, normally around 10-12 inches taller than you. However, if you are going surfing, a shorter paddle will do just the job; we suggest that 6-8 inches taller than you is ample. As for flat water cruising, 8-10 inches taller will be better. Remember, a paddle that is too long will tire your arms and strain your shoulder as you will hold them up too high. Likewise, too short of a paddle will stress your back as you need to bend more forward to reach the water.



But, as the stories go, the best way to measure your perfect paddle length is to stand barefoot, reach up your hand to your full reach without stretching, then your wrist should be just able to comfortably bend over the paddle handle. In fact, your local shop would be the best people who can help you with this, or else you can go by with the adjustable paddles.


2. Blade Size

The next consideration when picking a paddle is the blade size. Blade size is also directly related to SUP activity, your paddling style, and also your body size. Generally speaking, bigger persons will go for bigger blades. Bigger blades can give more powerful strokes; however, bigger blades can be fatiguing when paddling over distances. That’s why many SUP racers prefer smaller blades.


3. Grip

The last thing you need to consider is the grip of the paddles. Many paddles have a T-shape or a ball shape at the end of paddle shaft. For a paddle, you should choose the grip that you can hold firmly the end of paddle shaft with your palm on one hand and the other hand grip the middle of the shaft.


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