Special interview with athletes who participated in SUP 11 City Tour

September 14, 2017

For this day, WeSUP is very honoured to interview Joe and Paul, who is the owner of SUP Station located in Pathum Thani Province. Both of them are considered as the first SUP athletes that participated in the SUP 11-City Tour. Before we listen to the details of this competition, let’s get to know them more and get through their conceptual idea and their inspiration for this competition.

When our team arrived at the location of the interview, which is SUP Station Pathum Thani, the staffs were ready and welcome us with friendly. While waiting for Joe and Paul to get themselves ready for the interview, we went survey around. The location is considered as a place for SUP sports in complete all in one place. There is a knowledgeable team, equipped with the safe place to enjoy and even if you have never played it, you can certainly play it for sure. We can say that you could come here and get into SUP immediately.

Let’s get into our topic. In the first part of the interview, we get through the background of each other. “For me,…” Joe said with a very happy tone, “I have come to know about this sport because Paul recommended it to me because Paul has been in the SUP industry for a long time and also in the extreme sports enthusiasts such as motorcycle driving, jet skiing, and finally we got our opportunity to try SUP sport.


Chaiwut Phuangthong (Jo)

Chaiwut Phuangthong (Jo)


Paul Bunyaratavej (Paul)

Paul Bunyaratavej (Paul)


And I, Paul Boonyarattawet, on my part, I am in the field of surfboard equipment, whether it is a surfboard or other equipment, which I’ve been behind for over 15 years and why I’m interested in SUP sports. It because I wondered about its charm and growth that has a volume of products delivered worldwide has grown so rapidly? So let’s take a look at this kind of sport and feel like it might be because we are already interested in sports,” said Paul.

When it came to the SUP 11-City Tour topic, our team asked both of them that “What is the inspiration for attending the SUP 11-City Tour, which is the longest distance of 220 kilometres?”

SUP Station - 11 city


Joe explained to us more, “If you compare the simple 220 kilometres from Bangkok – Rayong. This is a very far distance for paddle boards and if you ask me why I have to attend this competition. For me, before, I had Windsurf across the bay and talked to this day. And this time, I just want to do it once and then get a topic to talk about for a long time as well. Paul said jokingly, everyone laughed at Paul’s interview. Both of us just want to be the first two Thai to join the competition and be able to paddle to the finish line of the race.”

Let’s cheer for them together, Thailand! Thailand! Thailanddd ~~ !!


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