How to turn your Stand Up Paddleboard

February 02, 2016

Put your hands up if you have trouble in turning your stand up paddleboard,

Anyone? Bet, you will want to know how to handle it like a pro, allow me to give

you some juicy tips that will guarantee you to be a master of turning!



Let’s start with side stroke, Why? Well, it will help you change the direction of your paddleboard even so subtlely. You will get to do the stroke once you passed the beginner stage, you will want to strokes on the opposite of the way you want to. To put it simply, if you want to turn right, put your back into paddle on the left side of your board same go to turn left, you must paddle on the right side, that’s all.

Turn SUP

TIP: Feel pretty confident in changing the direction, already? Try pulling the blade back and away from the board instead of pulling it, parallelly. You will move the board around quicker this way as it gives you more leverage.


Back paddle

Want to make a quick turn? Then you need to use ‘Back paddle’.

At first, you can dip your blade into the water on the same side that you want the board to turn towards and then reverse the direction of your stroke while still facing forward, The almost perfect 180-degree turn is just a piece of cake.

Turn SUP  Turn SUP  Turn SUP




Sweep stroke

Turn SUP

As the name so is the stroke, you can swiftly take a long sweeping stroke from the front of the board toward the very tail. Done!


Pivot turns

Get ready to turn on full speech!

Pivot turn is one of the fastest ways to turn your paddleboard and is usually work best when you’re surfing. Let’s start from the beginning, paddle on your dominant side, bend your knees then put more weight on your back foot. The elevation of the nose and submersion of the tail will allow to pivot and turn quickly.

Turn SUP  Turn SUP  Turn SUP

Last but not least, step back on your board or look over your shoulder toward the direction you want to turn will give you a better push in making the turn.

Turn SUP


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