How to pick your SUP Paddles : 2 Types of Paddles

December 26, 2015


Before wondering “which SUP paddle is best for me,” let’s know of the things you need to consider before purchasing the paddle. SUP paddles consist of 3 section: grip, blade, and shaft. The grip is at the top on which your hand hold. The shaft is in the middle; it connects the grip and the blade. Lastly, the blade is at the bottom used for stroking water. The first thing you need to consider when picking your paddle is the types of paddles.


2 Types of Paddles


1.  Fixed length paddles

Fixed length paddles are one long length shaft that is cut for your size. These fixed length paddles are normally perfect for a single rider. They are usually made with carbon fiber that are incredibly lightweight, durable and easy to handle. For most SUP paddlers, a one piece custom length paddle still by far stands as the best choice as it is less expensive and has a perfect-length.


2. Adjustable Paddles

Adjustable paddles have a shaft that can be extended and lock at different lengths. They are better choice for families, groups or rental shops. The materials of adjustable paddle shafts are mostly aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber which can cause the paddles to be slightly heavier than fixed length paddles.



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