February 29, 2016

SAN DIEGO, California – When I like to carry my leash, I like to make sure that there is absolutely no bottom-hang with my leash, and if there is, very little. This is so that there is no room for error, i.e. tripping on the leash or having it get caught on something. Here are a few things to keep in mind when carrying your leash:


Learn how to properly store and carry your SUP leash with SUP Surf Expert, Sean Poynter.


How To Carry Your Leash


1. Carry leash in hand.

Take leash in hand that carries your board, drape the leash through your hand and then form a coil, one or two wraps, as you hold your board.

2. Don’t wrap leash around fins.

Although wrapping your leash around the tail of your board and fins is popular to do, I don’t necessarily recommend it. This allows for the fins (which are sharp) to possibly cut the leash and/or the sharp edges of the board can create kinks in the leash.


Ways to store your leash

It’s important to store your gear correctly so that you have a nice life span of your gear as well as having a benefit to your performance out in the water. Here’s what to keep in mind when storing your leash:




1. Wrap the leash in a tight circle

This will help to ensure that there will not be any kinks in your leash when you put it away in storage for a long period of time. This is also a great tool because it is small and compact so you can store it anywhere.

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2. Hang Leash

Hang your leash so that it is draped over and hanging freely. This will completely eliminate all kinks in the leash to where it’s just one solid, straight leash, no coil and not bent up at all.



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Sean is sponsored by Starboard SUP and FCS SUP.

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