Day 2: Learn Advance Training SUP Thailand

July 18, 2016


Just the first day of SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016 Event makes our SUP player and brand ambassadors got muscle aches quite a bit. No matter how much aches it is, everyone would certainly keep going on the second day for sure.

In the second day, coach Daniel and coach Bruno still focused on the primary of SUP playing from the beginning yet add a little advance level. Our six brand ambassadors and special guest, Khun Fah, had learned paddle holding, balancing, paddling and turning techniques. The difference between SUP and Surfing, which is a similar sport to SUP, is paddle using.

DSCF6101 _DSC0391

_DSC0525 DSCF6107


Therefore, holding and using the paddles in the right way is very significant that all the SUP players should pay attention not less than other basics to be able to row the SUP unlimitedly. Coach Daniel had concluded the tricks of paddle using to row the SUP as below.

_DSC0237 _DSC0251

_DSC0268 DSCF6008 DSCF6050

  1. Hold the paddle vertically with the surface of the water with one hand on the top of the paddle and in front of the player. If the player holds the paddle slant, it may effects to the lower speed in rowing the SUP.
  2. In the case of would like to speed up the movement, use the paddle dip and throw from to front to the leg then turn the paddle, dip and throw again and again in the same way. Repeating the action would make the board goes forward faster as desired.
  3. Plunging the paddle from the front to behind the leg could make the board sink, waste of time, slower to goes forward and a waste of effort.
  4. Spring your legs up and down in the form of board pumping is another technique that helps speed up the board goes forward hence the board is above the water surface and has the increasing rate.
  5. Plunging the paddle in short range could increase the speed less than plunging the paddle in a long range. You could plunge the paddle punctuate in short and long range to be easier to control the direction. However, no matter plunging in short or long range, the right paddling has to hold the paddle with your straight arms.

Before the SUP Polo session, Daniel and Bruno teaching the ambassadors about warm up poses just for stretching before a big adventure with SUP Polo.
_DSC0306 _DSC0316

After finishing the theory section, both coaches brought everyone to the highlight of the day which is according directly to the paddle using due to our six brand ambassadors and Khun Fah was introduced to meet a new type of sports as “SUP POLO”, which is the combination of water POLO and SUP. The combination is the new type of fun and challenged everyone to try. Besides everyone was exited in balancing and controlling the board in the desired direction, every player had to get the ball and send to each other, planning to get the score from the foeman. In this activity, Khun Fah and our six brand ambassadors didn’t hesitate to get the paddle and team each other then jump into the competition immediately. The zest degree shows in the illustration, you could tell it’s super fun!
IMG_9600 IMG_9531

IMG_9566 IMG_9558

SUP POLO is another exciting activity that helps SUP playing becomes more debonair due to it helps create harmony and teamwork. Especially for newbie SUP player, SUP POLO grouping could help develop SUP playing skill to every player in jig time because it requires many techniques includes paddling, balancing and turning.

Two days has passed so quick like the SUP board on the water but our activities still available to watch up to more 4 days at SUP THAILAND AMBASSADOR 2016.

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