A Debut of SUP Board (Stand Up Paddle Board) Lifestyle Sport, For the first time in Thailand!

February 07, 2016


Mr. Chaiyawu PeuangThong an executive director of SUP Station Co., Ltd. and an agent of SUP Board organized a press release for a debut of a new Lifestyle watersport for the first time in Thailand at SUP Paddle club and Marina, Chao Phraya Riverside, Bang Luang sub-district, Muang District, Pathum Thani Province.



The event included SUP Board manufacturer and world class brands like Starboard, NSP, and RRD with a pack of distinguished guested and a rising teenager stars like Arida Aruyawut, Namwhan Kunpaporn Punatong, Win Way Sopa, and Toey Kanyakrin Pinit. Moreover, an SUP Board demonstration by The World Class athletes – Bruno and Daniel from Hungary, They also give the opportunity to play SUP for those who interested at the event.



The SUP Board is a long coming watersport which originated in Hawaii, the United State of America as one type of surfing. Nowadays, SUP Board once again gain it popularity in America because it the watersports which one can paddle on the water surface, freely. It exercises for every part of a body and it is suitable for all ages.


“We expected that SUP Board will be a new choice for those who love watersports as the SUP Board can be played at any place that has water resource with such easy way to play it along with the full blow of exercises to build up every part of body muscles and to feel the freedom different from the old style of paddling. Moving smoothly on the water surface, whether it just floating on still water or surfing challengingly against the wave. Furthermore, you can combine other activities with SUP Board such as Yaga, Fishing or SUP Polo etc. We expected that Thais will certainly love SUP Board as their new sensation.” said Mr. Chaiyawu PeuangThong an executive director of SUP Station Co.,Ltd.


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