8 AWESOME SUP STATIONS that are waiting for you to be there at least once in your lifetime.

January 10, 2018

         Your everyday routines are boring? Why not go out and have fun with SUP?

LET WeSUP introduce the 8 SUP Stations in Thailand for you to visit in your holidays. We could say that it’s worth going and you will love it for sure!

8 SUP Stations in Thailand, NOT TO MISS !!


1) Taco Wakeboard Park: Bangplee, Samutprakarn

Taco Wakeboard Park is our first destination. It is a well-known exercising area for extreme sports enthusiasts. With an all-in-one feature of water sports, including SUP, SUP Yoga, wakeboarding, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing and the don’t-miss open water swimming pool for triathlon sports lovers as well. There is also a trainer and equipment that makes it a great place to meet up with your friends, or sports enthusiasts who want to play a variety of sports that do not have to go to many gyms. Whan ever and where ever you want to play, just visit here. It is waiting for you to the door to the enthusiasts of enjoying your fun!


2) SUP Station: Pathum Thani

Let’s visit another place for sports fans who love SUP. This is the first fully equipped SUP Station in our country. The location is not far from Bangkok, surrounded by to the natural atmosphere of the Chao Phraya River. There are also professional trainers to provide the advice as the world-class equipment, both for rent and sale, for you. At SUP Station, it is a great way to start your healthy day with SUP yoga that everyone could enjoy. Of course, if you bring your family here. You can let your kid on the boat feed the fish as new experiences. We can guarantee that your kid will love it. Not only just for SUP activities, SUP Station is also perfect for your outing or a small party of the company. The atmosphere is warm welcome with all the SUP lover from Thai and abroad who frequented the visit. If you are a SUP lover, this is a place that you should not miss.


3) iSUP: Koh Samui

Take a break from the bustle of the capital city, head to the South Sea and experience the exotic ambience at iSUP Koh Samui, managed by Ian and Tammy, two Australian owners who are passionate about SUP sports and the charm of the South Sea. Here, we have the experts to welcome and take care of all SUP lover. We also have a program to take you for a SUP tour around Koh Samui in a new unique atmosphere. Just like a local guide for Thailand and foreigners, If you come to Koh Samui, you need to play SUP at iSUP. It’s a do-not-miss place for SUP lovers.

เกาะเต่าคาบาน่า Koh Tao Cabana

4) Koh Tao Cabana, Koh Tao, Suratthani

Koh Tao is renowned as one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. But if you want to get a little bit of privacy, but also want to relax, play sports or keep fit. Here we have the equipment ready for the SUP lover to get your own board, feel the sunset, or feel a sea urge. Koh Tao Cabana is also a beautiful resort with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and calm, private atmosphere. Koh Tao is suitable for the SUP lover who wants to experience your SUP sport and relax in private area. If you want to go explore the island, you can paddle to see the coral, because the water here is so clear. Or maybe you may wake up a little bit early and go out paddling to see the romantic sunrise on Koh Nangyuan. It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

SUP Station เกาะช้าง

5) SUP Station, Koh Chang RAYONG

Beautiful sea and clear water, who says that only thing you can find at the South Sea? Let’s say that the eastern sea of Thailand is also pretty than you think. SUP Station at Koh Chang is suitable for SUP lover who wants to spend their holidays well worth it. Try driving a little out of town and don’t forget to check in at SUP Station on Koh Chang. Here, we have the various program waiting for you to explore. You can paddle out on the SUP board to see the mangrove forest and enjoy visiting elephant farm as you wish. Have a family trip? No problem! You can strengthen relationships or invite your friends to enjoy SUP sports SUP and experience the nature atmosphere all year long. In addition to the resort, we also have fresh seafood available as well. What a trip, don’t you think?


6) Baan Khao Lak: Nang Thong Beach, Phang Nga KRABI

Let’s take a trip together on the Andaman coast. How about start your trip with Khao Lak. At Baan Khaolak Resort, you will experience the warmth, calm and quiet atmosphere that makes this place becomes a “must visit” place for a SUP lover. Let’s say paddling to see the sunset is very romantic for both you and your lover. No need to prepare for the gears, because we have them as fully equipped waiting for you to try out.Just be there once, you will not want to be anywhere else.


7) Villa Talana: Aow Thalen, Krabi

Modern and classic accommodation, Villa Talana, will make you feel like staying in the house among the trees, plus the warm welcome for resort’s peacocks This is a perfect place for hipster SUP lovers. Not only a good view, the place also has kayaks and SUP boards available for you as well. Aow Tha Len is famous for its meandering waterways, rich mangrove forest and wildlife.

The path along the rocky limestone cliffs along the hills. Stagnant water and waveless make it easy to paddle. How about getting a million dollar sight-seeing with just reasonable price? The atmosphere and view might give you a jaw drop.


8) Anyavee Resort: Aow Nang KRABI

Enjoy the best of both Thai and foreign check-in area at the beach in Krabi as it has a lot of activities that beach boy and girl will love. You won’t be disappointed! Swimming, snorkelling, climbing, cliff-jumping, volleyball, aerobics, paddling, fresh air or paddling on the board while playing the SUP on the big bubble in Ao Nang are all activities that should not be missed. Anyavee Resort is an option that is available to the SUP lover for the whole year.


How you think with all 8 SUP stations that We SUP Thailand introduced you. Interesting, isn’t it? The service and atmosphere are very nice and completely great with all-in-one SUP gear available for you!

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