8 Menus to strengthen your body and get ready for exercising

July 15, 2016

What should we eat before exercising or Stand Up Paddling? This the most popular question among newbie health-exercising lovers. Absolutely, we should not work out when we are hungry, should eat something first. Here are the benefits of eating some meal before exercising or Stand Up Paddling activities. Now let’s see.

Longer time for sport or exercising
Eating would help your body transform some energy from food to becomes the reserved power called Glycogen. Our body requires this type of energy while we are exercising or stand up paddling for a longer time, not too tired or quit at halfway. And also provides the best efficiency in exercising and stand up paddling.

Prevent muscle strain
Exercising makes your body get the power from you muscles. The more you exercise, the more energy fetched out. Loosing of power is risky for muscle pain. Therefore, we should eat something before exercising or stand up paddling especially protein to let our body fetch out the energy to support our muscles directly and to deduct the injury chance.

Helps in muscle growth
There is Protein and Amino acid in the food that helps strengthen the body muscles. Therefore, eating something before you exercise or stand up paddling could help faster muscle growth in your body.

Absolutely that the food should not be the meal or the main supper. If you downright eat it, you could have stomachache or angina while exercising or stand up paddling. But.. what and how much we should eat?

Let’s take a look. WeSUP brought you 8 outstanding menus for all health-exercise lover to be the idea for food selection before exercising or stand up paddling.

Banana: High nutritious, bananas has both sugar and starch as full of protein, carbohydrate, phosphorus, iron, vitamin-A and Magnesium, which is the power source for your body. Carbohydrate in bananas could quickly absorb when you eat it before exercising or stand up paddling. Therefore, bananas is a great power supply for any activities. Eating just one banana at least 30 minutes before working out or in your rush hour is a good choice. Banana could be easily found in your nearby supermarket.


Oatmeal: is a great choice for the pre-workout menu hence oat was full of complex carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins which help your muscle for exercising. Besides, oat contains a lot of fiber. It helps slow down the fat assimilate at your belly by eating just a cup of oatmeal before exercising or stand up paddling. Oat could be mixed with milk or yogurt for better taste.

Whole grain bread: Before you work out or play sports, you should have the power from carbohydrate to help you have the energy for exercising continually. That carbohydrate should be a complex carbohydrate such as whole grains. This would give you a lot of energy that is ready to be used. The fiber in whole grain helps you feel full for a longer of time. Eating whole grain bread or 2 whole-wheat bread around 45 minutes before exercising or stand up paddling provides you lots of energy, gives you agile and makes you able to work out for longer time.

Eggs: are the protein source that your body could easily digest it. Eggs are delicious and easy to find. They also help create muscle too, just eating 2 boiled egg or 3 egg white before exercising or stand up paddling. One egg white is non-fat and has 4 grams of protein while egg yolk has 2 grams of protein.

Coffee/Tea: Caffeine is the freshness stimulants and gives the wakefulness to your body. Just a cup of black coffee before working out or stand up paddling is like waking your energy up and provides energy for exercising in the longer time. Caffeine also helps reduce the muscle tiredness. But hold on, you should drink coffee just in the morning otherwise you might get sleepless.
Greek yogurt: full of protein and amino acid that provides you the energy for exercising. Intense yogurt has calcium, which helps support your bones and prevents the injury from working out or stand up paddling. Protein in yogurt also helps restore your muscle too. Just a cup of natural Greek yogurt provides you less sugar and more protein than general yogurt.

Friut smoothie: Another great drink before exercising hence it is easy to eat, full of freshness and easy to digest. Smoothie from berries and green veggie contains antioxidant that helps strengthen your heart during the working out or stand up paddling. It helps you not easy to get gasp for breath. Just drink one glass of fruit smoothie before exercising, it would help you able to work out for the longer time.

Beans or dried fruits: Contains protein, carbohydrate and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL), which is easily and quickly to absorb. Just a handful of beans or dried fruits for 30-45 minutes before exercising or stand up paddling gives you a lot of energy. But watch out, do not eat them too much, you could easily get fat because of overeating and could not burn all the ingested fat.


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