July 28, 2017

            Talking about sports that prove the strength of the body and mind, one of them must be the triathlon. Triathlon means three types of sporting events that including swimming, cycling and running with the distance and the time it takes to compete. So triathlon athletes must have trained themselves for each type of exercise and well prepared to pass this brutal race smoothly.

ไตรกีฬา SUP training

            Getting yourself prepared of the triathlon, your body must be planned in advance in order to have a lot of time to prepare for practice in each type of sport. One of the most important factors is your muscle must be strong, which must be trained regularly. However our body needs some rest for self-healing and time to repair the muscle, so you have to get some time to relax and do not exercise too hard to keep the muscles at rest position and reduce injuries. But at the same time, it still helps to heal muscular strength and fitness throughout all parts of the body. The sport that can be played during your break time or healing time is SUP.

            SUP is a water sport that allows the whole body to exercise and it is a safe sport to involve during your breaking time. There is a little risk of injury. Many triathlon athletes choose to play Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Prone Paddle Boarding, which lie down on the board and use their hands to move together with the board to strengthen their muscles and build the body balance.

            Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a dynamic exercise that helps to strengthen the upper back muscles and to strengthen the core muscles. It is a remarkably effective exercise that helps build strength in your overall body and it takes around 45 minutes up to an hour to play.

            For triathlon athletes, let’s see how Paddle Boarding benefits you.

ไตรกีฬา Prone Paddleboarding

            Prone Paddle Boarding

            Prone Paddle Boarding is a swim-like exercise, but you have to take the board with you to move on the water. Athletes can spend more time with Prone Paddle Boarding than regular swimming. Triathlon athletes tend to get tired of lacking the motivation to practice repeatedly, so changing your swimming practice to Prone Paddle Boarding a week or twice a week is a way to get more active feeling and body strength of your upper muscles, which will be very useful in triathlon.

ไตรกีฬา Stand Up Paddle Board

            SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding)

            SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) is a sport that has become increasingly popular and it is a sport that both strengthens the body and promotes peace of mind. When preparing yourself for triathlon race, some athlete’s’ body and mind can be very pressured and might make them feel tired. Sometimes, they feel pain or fatigue, which signals that the body needs to rest.

            SUP Sports is a non-overweight exercise. It promotes body balance and muscle strength. Also give you a chance to stay with yourself, create concentration, relax the stress and let yourself have a chance to change the atmosphere from the stressful exercise schedule to boredom, resulting in physical strength and morale, ready to race in the upcoming program in the near future.

            SUP and Prone Paddle Boarding is the ideal exercise to try in preparation for Triathlon because it is a fun sport and they allow the athlete to relax from the training stress. They also help to build strength, muscles without the risk of injury and provide the stiffness and enthusiasm of triathlon.


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Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!