Go for a SUPing with your favorite Apps!

August 07, 2016

             Application is an option to collect sport activities or work out for new generation that would like to store the data in your smartphone in order to develop your sport skill.

Stand Up Paddle Board aka SUP is a sports water, which is very popular in abroad. Stand Up Paddle is the combination between Canoe and Surfboard. The main equipment of SUP riding is the paddle and Stand Up Paddle Board. Not only SUP is sports water that gives you joyful and in trend, but it also an outdoor sport that suit with every gender and all age range. SUP could be played for many purposes both for weight loose and for muscle building.

Every Stand Up Paddle player might like to get the record or statistic in each Stand Up Paddle Boarding, for example: how far you paddled last time or how much you burned out yesterday, to compare the Stand Up Paddles every time or to view the improvement of Stand Up Paddling. Here they are! WeSUP would like to introduce you the greatest app for Stand Up Paddle players that you should have one of them on your smartphone. Some are free, some are paid, and some are paid for special features.

6 cool applications that you should have one.

1. SUP Trotters

SUP Trotters was designed and developed for especially SUP players. It has its features similar to the running or cycling app by using GPS for tracking the paddling distance, time spent and average speed per paddling round. The app is suits to track our improvement of Stand Up Paddle riding. Available in App Store and Play Store.
SUP Trotters’s Features

✔   Easy to track the improvement of Stand Up Paddle playing

✔   Use the existing GPS data in your smartphone for each paddling, no need to purchase further data service.

✔   Store only the useful data eg. Distance, speed and time spent.

✔   Register to share your place and statistic of each race to other application users.

✔   Get new idea of places to go racing by just looking up at others’ paddling places.

Download : App Store  / Play Store

SUP Trotter_WeSUP   SUP Trotter 2_WeSUP

2. Paddle Logger

Paddle Logger is an application to store your water sports activities, Stand Up Paddle is one of them. The application was designed to fit every user experience and easy to use as just 2-3 steps. Available only on the App Store for 139THB. Not available on Play Store. Application features are listed below.

✔   GPS Tracking to store paddling data from the beginning to the end of each time and the average padding speed.

✔   Logbook is available to store the paddling detail includes taking photo to each padding record as before and after SUP paddling. You can set the name of each paddling to be easy to store and look up.

✔   Map pin is availabled to store the paddling location and to compare the each paddling race statistic.

✔   Share your race with your friend to Social Media and Email.

Download : App Store 

Paddle Logger_WeSUP   Paddle Logger 2_WeSUP

3. Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is another particular Stand Up Paddle application. The app has its basic just same as the general app to store each race paddling data. But it has unique features as video lesson and Stands Up Paddle techniques. The application provides lesson from the beginning to professional level includes many types of Stand Up Paddle playing such as SUP Yoga or SUP fitness. Available on Play Store.

Download :  Play Store
Paddle Boarding_WeSUP

4. Motion X

Motion X covers many types of sport such as cycling, moutain climbing, snowboarding, running and also Stand Up Paddle Playing! Available on App Store just only 69THB and compatible with Apple watch! Let’s take a look at its features.

✔   GPS Tracking to detect your paddling route for further paddling development.

✔   Enable to download your paddling map for offline using.

✔   Share your paddling route to your Facebook timeline of Instragram

Download : App Store

Motion X_WeSUP   Motion X 2_WeSUP

5. Strava

Starva is such a popular application among the exercisers due to it cover many types of exercising such as running, cycling, cliff climbing and also Stand Up Paddle playing too. Available for free on the App Store! The application store the necessary data such as your paddling races. However, if you would like to unlock unique feature, you have to pay more 279THB/month. The special feature provides Stand Up Paddle Competition information in different of time, exercising analyze based on your age and your body weight for precise information. The application is likely to focuses on cycling and running. If you pay monthly for just only SUP data store, it might not worth at all.

Download : App Store  / Play Store

Strava_WeSUP   Strava 2_WeSUP

6. Endomondo

Endomondo is another popular app among the exercise lover hence it cover many types of work out include indoor activities. Free to download for store your basic exercise information. If you would like to unlock more features, it has option strated from 99THB up to more than 1,000THB. However, just only the basic features could help you store your useful data completely. Let’s take a look at its features.
Endomondo’s Features

✔   GPS Tracking to store your race with the race location

✔   Display your exercising time, speed, distance includes calories burned from the exercising.

✔   Offer the suggestion about your workout course that it’s too heavy or too little. Help improve the best exercising for you.

✔   Upload photo and tag your friends to share the exercising result through the Social network.

✔   Connect to other devices such as Apple Watch, Garmin and Pebble to detect the heartrate and able to connect to other application such as MyFitnessPal to gather the ingest food information or Health App on iOS to record your exercising in the app.

✔   Share your exercising to your friends and view your friends exercising activities via the Profile.

Download : App Store  / Play Store 

Endomondo_WeSUP   Endomondo 2_WeSUP

Now you got your assistants to increase your Stand Up Paddle skills. It’s more challenge for you in Stand Up Paddle playing for sure. BUT!! Do not forget to put on your waterproof phone case before go on a SUP race. Otherwise, none of above app could help you improve your skills.


WeSUP is born by the group of Thai SUP enthusiasts, who are deeply enthralled by stand-up paddling or SUP. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world. We want to push on it and aim to be the leading SUP Sport guide in Thailand.

Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!