Enjoy your Koh Kood trip with a cool SUP activity

November 07, 2016

SUP Thailand @ เกาะกูด จันทบุรี

SUP Thailand @ Koh Kood, Chantaburi

            Travelling Koh Kood in a new way by SUP with us for the new experience.

            In winter, many people choose travelling to the north for a touch of cooling and mist. Here is another interesting activity for you. Travelling to a calm sea, blue sky with a touch of complete nature is one of interesting choice for your weekend.

            Koh Kood located in Trad Province. It is another fance destination of many people. Koh Kood has its tourist attractions as white sand beach and green emerald water. It was called ‘Andaman of East sea’. Koh Kood is very interesting for sea and nature lovers. The island is full of complete nature such as mountains and flat ridges that gives the beautiful tourist attraction to the islan. At the west of island, beautiful coasts located there; Yaikee canel, Jaongamkoh canel, Tadin coast, Phrao coast, Bangbao cape to Tian cape. At the east of island; Sapparod coast, Yaikerd coase, Klonghin coast and Jak coast located there. The island is full of palm swath located around. The atmosphere is good for nature lover. You could feel the pure touch of sea.

            You could enjoy many activities at Koh Kood. It fulfil your relax weekends with sunbathing, swimming and diving. Besides general activities, we will introduce you a popular activity in abroad and very interesting. You could spend your weekend with new water sport that is SUP Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board.

SUP โยคะ @ เกาะกูด จันทบุรี

SUP โยคะ @ Koh Kood, Chantaburi

            SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board) is the yoga exercising on SUP board. It balances your physical health and helps you get shaped. Provides flexibility and concentration while you are playing. Moreover, SUP Yoga has its difference from normal yoga on the yoga mat as it builds the balance intensively hence you have to stay on the board all the time you are in the water. You have to pay attention and concentration more than general yoga. Absolutely that you will get more benefits than traditional yoga.

            You could enjoy SUP Yoga at Koh Kood in the morning among the sunrise or the sunset. Or you can enjoy it in the swimming pool at your resort or at the beach. No matter where you enjoy it, you could relax your mind and body among the calm and beautiful atmosphere of Koh Kood.

            SUP Yoga is not that complicated. It requires only paddleboard and its paddle. The paddleboard for SUP Yoga is Infalable Board especially for SUP Yoga. It provides wider and longer area for the yoga poses and gives you soft touch. So you will not get hurt when enjoying the activity. Inflatable board is portable, you can carry it everywhere you want. Contact your SUP service provider for renting or buying one and also for the beginner SUP Yoga courses.

            If you are planning for a trip for your weekeng, be reminding of Koh Kood. Get your paddle board with you, your weekend will be more special than ever.


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