SUP – New trend water sport in Phuket, Thailand

October 29, 2016

Travel around Phuket with the superb activity. Do not miss!! Here is another choice for you guys that expecting to travel in Phuket, with our famous tourist attractions. No matter you are Thai or foreigner, just come and get chill with SUP, the DO-NOT-MISS water sport activity in Phuket!

The first reasons why ‘Phuket’ is a popular attraction for tourists around the world are its beautiful sea, white sand, and stunning coral reefs. These favourable views and environment lead to many activities such as sunbathing, surfing or diving. Lately, there is a new water sport that becomes popular and draws a lot of attention as Stand Up Paddle Board.


SUP at SSS Phuket

‘Phuket’ is a safe and proper to learn the Stand Up Paddling basic. Tourists could practice their Stand Up Paddle in a quiet shallow bay and soft wind area of the island. If you are capable enough, you could stand up paddling as surfing. With its glassy water, various fish swimming around and beautiful coral reefs of ‘Phuket’ made Stand Up Paddle becomes very exciting and joyful in ease.

Phuket has many exotic and proper beaches of Stand up paddling. And here are 3 beaches that WeSUP would like to introduce to you.

หาดลายัน ภูเก็ต


1. Layan Beach

Layan Beach provides you beautiful white sand with full nature. It’s an infamous beach among Thai, foreign and group tourists. Therefore, this beach is quiet, clean and private for Stand up paddling. Moreover, this beach is in Sirinat National Park. You will be safe because officers are monitoring around. In the park, there are the tents provided for tourists too.

อ่าวยน ภูเก็ต


2. Aow Yon Beach

Aow Yon Beach has a few tourists. So it provides you a private Stand Up Paddling area. Moreover, you could enjoy Fullmoon party at the beach in the night time. It could be said that there are exciting activities during daytime and night time. You could enjoy stand up paddling at Phuket all year long and its best time is from November to April or when the sea is calm.

หาดในหาน ภูเก็ต


3. Nai Han Beach

Nai Han Beach located up to the north next to Leam Promthep Cape. It is famous for sunbathing among foreign tourists due to its fine white sand. There are a lot of food stands and restaurants nearby the beach also the souvenir too. Nai Han beach has many hotels that could engage the tourists from small to medium group. It is convenient to go because there are transportation and taxi stops for tourist’s convenient. Moreover, there is a wind turbine view, which is easy to be seen at Nai Han beach.

Besides mentioned beaches above, there are other beaches such as Ka-ta beach, Ka Lim beach, Kamala beach and Surin beach. Theses beaches are suit for Stand up paddling and beautiful as well as 3 mentioned beaches.

Due to Stand Up Paddling becomes a favourite sport, there are many companies, and hotels start providing Stand Up Paddling courses and its techniques, which is comfortable and safe for the beginners hence you will be trained by the experts. Moreover, there is board renting services for those who capable to Stand up paddling. If you interest, why don’t give them a call?

3.1. Andaman Board Sport

Located at Nai Han beach. Andaman Board Sport provides you with the board renting service and several stands up paddling packages such as hourly package and full-day package. You could choose a renting board to play on your own with the delivery service. For whom really into it, you could buy new board or second-hand board with your name on it too.
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 20:00
Location: on Patak Road, diagonally opposite Kata Weekend Market
Tel: +66 (0)89 586 9920 or +66 (0)76 284 070

3.2. Saltwater Dreaming Surf School Phuket

Saltwater Dreaming Surf School Phuket is accredited by the NSSIA (National Surf Schools & Instructors Association) and run by a team of passionate surfers. You will find all the equipment necessary for this thrilling activity in their well-stocked shop, and they offer surfing (in low season) and SUP boarding (in high season) lessons.
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:30
Location: on Road 4025, between Surin Tesco Park and Surin Plaza
Tel: +66 (0)76 271 050

3.3. SSS Phuket

SSS Phuket located at Kata beach. SSS provides you the board renting service and beginner course for those whom would like to try.They also have the instructor who will teach you the beginner technique till advance.
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 20:00
Location: on Patak Road, diagonally opposite Kata Weekend Market
Tel: +66 (0)89 586 9920 or +66 (0)76 284 070

Moreover, some resorts or hotels provide you with the packages with stay, island tour and Stand Up Paddle course in good price. Let’s check it out. Give them a call for booking and invite your friends to ‘Phuket.’ Head out! Stunning sea and sky are waiting for you!


WeSUP is born by the group of Thai SUP enthusiasts, who are deeply enthralled by stand-up paddling or SUP. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world. We want to push on it and aim to be the leading SUP Sport guide in Thailand.

Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!