Relieve ADHD in kids with SUP

March 17, 2018

It is common for children to be mischievous, misbehave, impulsive and disobedient. But do you know that sometimes these symptoms may be one of the signs of ADHD? So how do parents spot your child is suffering from ADHD?

Let’s get into basic knowledge about ADHD. In this article, WeSUP will introduce you the knowledge of ADHD in early childhood with easy-to-understand tips and treatments for parents. If ignored without doing anything, it can result in the development of children’s development of children’s intelligence and their growth.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) is common in childhood, often with distracting behavior, unable to focus on tasks or things that for specific of time and often distracted or easily forgotten. Sometimes children have very limited self-restraint, impatience with waiting, deny to follow the rules or principles, and sometimes behave in violent way. Some children may have all the symptoms listed above, or may have specific problems, but are more severe than normal children. However, ADHD behavior may not be clear because sometimes these behaviors are normal behavior of the child’s adherence to natural development. Therefore, it necessary that parents or peers should observe the kids’ behavior closely. If the children’s behavior is severe and different from other general kid, parents should consult the practice and find the way to treat their children back to normal behavior. But still, if the behavior is severe. Parents should take the child to the doctor for further treatment.


Nowadays, medical still cannot identify causes of ADHD. But many researches have cited and identified factors that can cause children to have ADHD.

  • ADHD is caused by some kind of chemical disorder in the brain or by genetic factors. For example, if the parents have ADHD, then the child has a high chance of ADHD as well.


  • The environment surrounding the child that affects the behavior or surrounding people of children who behave inappropriately, such as parents who have addiction of drugs, alcohol or cigarette or behave aggressively and neglect to instruct their children. These causes can lead children to mimic behavior. It also affects aggressive and careless behavior from the family in children.


  • Let their children be with the phone or pad too much – Today’s technological advances make some parents begin to adopt technology as part of their care. If parents let their children spend time with the screen for many consecutive hours without playing outside or going out for other activities. This will make the learning and concentration of the child regress. Compared to children who learn from their surroundings and be in a variety of environments.


  • Parenting in the wrong way – It’s common that childhood needs attention and love from their parents. But sometimes, parents love and pamper their children too much, it is another way that could leads to aggressive behavior when they do not get what they want, and also cause children to be aggressive since their childhood and difficult to fix.

กิจกรรมเด็ก สมาธิสั้น

It can be seen that some of the ADHD motives caused by parental environment and parenting. If your child is experiencing ADHD behavior and, for sure, you want to relieve or cure the ADHD. Parents need to pay attention and help to adjust children behavior in a better way, like teaching, taking them out to learn or enjoy new activities that help them concentrate and strengthen their development instead of watching TV or playing computer games. However, there is another way to help relieve ADHD in childhood. Here’s what we would like to recommend, SUP for therapy. It’s absolutely yes that SUP provides many benefits in whole development process e.g. body, intellect and mind. It also helps children with ADHD symptoms to get better as well.

SUP benefit for your kid.


1.SUP helps children to concentrate more :  SUP able to help children to concentrate with SUP activities such as balancing on the board, avoid not to fall into the water, or controlling their heading way in the tides for a long time. Usually, children with ADHD will be distracted, not standing still and cannot do some tasks for a long time. SUP is a semi-compulsory activity, so children cannot jump or quite it easily. It is also a fun and exciting, so children can enjoy focusing on their SUP activity for a long time. Initially, parents may practice familiarity with children, such as let them participating in SUP or let them do on their own for a continuous period of about 15 to 30 minutes frequently, which will help children to get better from their ADHD.


2. SUP helps to practice self-control : As mentioned above, children with ADHD will not be able to control their emotions and themselves at times. SUP encourages children to have self-determination and learn to control themselves in ways other than control, such as during their SUP course, they may experience waves that maybe difficult to stabilize, so children have to learn to control their emotions, mind and mentality and learn how to handle and make decisions on the board.


3. SUP boosts up their courage : Children with ADHD are seen to be different and some feel so inferior, lack of self-value, less courage and confidence in their activity or life. However, SUP able to bring courage to children by give them courage and confidence, because when children practice self-determination and success. This will give the children more courage and confident in themselves, which results in children able to make decisions in life by themselves. Just in case, caution for parents is you need to let children enjoy their activities properly to create courage in them. Do not make children feel that they are inferior. Parents should encourage, praise, and reward as appropriate to make their them feel proud of themselves.



4. SUP helps to promote discipline in children : In fact, SUP is easy to play, anyone can enjoy. But struggle is how to enjoy it safely and harmless, such strict rules must be followed. Before start playing, children often need to be trained by a specialist for their safety. When they start, they must obey SUP principle, practices, and follow the rules without neglect or self-indulgence.This is a good signal to instill a good basic thinking system to pave the way for the kids to be organized and results in the reduction of ADHD in children as well.


5. SUP helps create imagination and learning : As SUP is a sport that allows children to fully exercise in a creative and healthy way, they also able to use all the muscles in their body and get healthy. Children can also design their own custom SUP activity such as a simple touring or a small challenge with parents or friends, these are all true creative training.


6. Widen up their world with meditation therapy : SUP is an outdoor sport that requires going out on the paddleboard. Moreover, if you take your kids out of Bangkok or the monotonous environment to enjoy in the serene countryside with calm atmosphere. This will help to increase the concentration of children to have their relaxation, happiness, peace of mind and more concentration as well.

Now you see the benefits of SUP that is not just a sport that provides strength. SUP is also a treatment for many diseases, as well as ADHD. However, ADHD can be found often in the society today. The key to keeping children out of ADHD is to give them love, care and attention.

How about brings your kid out to get some strength for both mind and body, get some fun and try to learn new things, and have a good concentration instead of staying in the couch.


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