Amphawa – Enjoy paddling along Mae Klong tide with SUP

March 02, 2017

            Amphawa, anything interesting here let’s take a tour with us. WeSUP Thailand took the occasion to survey around Mae Klong tide at Amphawa to take a look and search for interesting and fun activities for our WeSUP Thailand members. We would enjoy you guys with us next time if we found it’s nice to enjoy and paddle along the tide.

            We packed our bags and headed out from Bangkok at dawn from Phra-ram 2 road across Mae Klong River and get a shortcut to Pak Klong Pra Du near Wat Chareonkeaw. Its name might not familiar. You might wonder where is it actually located and what’s so interesting. This small community composed of wooden houses located at the riverside with old and calm atmosphere. We teamed up at Yin Tek Tua vegetarian house opposite to the community and prepared our equipment before go paddling along the tide. First of all, we familiarized to the community by walking across Kam Kwae Aom Bridge. The villagers gave us smiles and greeted us friendly includes expressed their excitement about our prepared SUP Board and told us about the community stories.

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 1

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 3


            The community located at the confluence of Klong Pra Du and Kwae Aom (Aom River), which is a small canal separated from Mae Klong River at Ratchaburi district. The river tide sets itself through Amphur Wat Pleng basin of Ratchaburi Province and meets Mae Klong River again at Kwae Aom district, Amphawa district, Samut Songkhram province. Both canals were his unofficially travel path of King Rama 5. The rivers are so clear and clean and full of fish such as giant gourami and red barb. We bought some fish food and poured it to them.

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 8

            After getting familiarize with Pak Klong Pra Du community, we went paddle and gave fish food to those fish around the community and started paddle along Kwae Aom tide. We enjoyed paddling and sightseeing at Kwae Aom tide. It was very beautiful like old nature such as fruit gardens, simply living of people at the riverside and community’s temple. We paddled for 7 kilometers to reach Pak Klong Kwae Aom. During our break, ice cream boat was stopped by perchance. So we waved and called for some sweets. Getting ice cream freshen us and gave us power for paddling.

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 6

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 9


            After the break, we started paddling again along Mae Klong River and stopped at Bang Kae Noi temple for visiting the only one teak chapel in Thailand. Then we backed paddling again and stopped Bang Kae Yai temple and walked to The Kittens Koffie Arts’n Eats, which is a small cafe, get some snacks to freshen up. We backed paddling again along Bang Nang Li temple and crossed Mae Klong River to Amphawa canal. The day was Saturday; the floating market is a little bit calm due to less people and boat. The long-tailed boats slow their speed down and let us passed by with pleasure. We drew the attentions from both Thai and foreign tourist at Amphawa floating market. Paddling along the floating market gave us kind of zest and fun. Then the sunset came, we had to call it a day.

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 4

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 2

            At the next day morning, we came back to Amphawa canal again. The floating market is quite calm and peaceful so we took our board out and started paddling again. After a while, we met monks paddling to receive food offerings. We took the chance to offer them the food on our board. It’s a unique way to do. After that we had breakfast at noodle boat and rice with roasted pork boat. Amphawa floating market in the morning is very calmed different from evening at the day before. Only the guests at homestay came out and felt the touch of riverside morning and had their breakfast as same as us. They were on the land and we were on our board, which was a lot more fun.

อัมพวา - ชิลไปไหน กับสายน้ำแม่กลอง - WeSUP Thailand 7


            After paddling along the river tide, we got up and visit Khrongkan Amphawa Chai Phatthana Nu Rak and enjoyed walking around Chai Phatthana Nu Rak garden, which is an integrated garden growing local plants without any chemicals. We visited Tao Tan and took a look at traditional coconut sugar making process. Finally, we went shopping for the souvenirs. The weekend trip was very fun; we enjoyed paddling and sightseeing at the living of people along the Mae Klong Riverside.

            How is the plan? We believe that SUP trip will explore your travel in a new way. You will gain new experience and excite on what SUP can brung you go. Your travel life would not be the same anymore. If you interest to join our trip, please stay tuned on our pagefor more information. ….​ You won’t miss it!! Or check out another trip herefor your next trip


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