New Gen girls get fit and firm with SUP Yoga

September 16, 2016

SUP Yoga at Taco Lake

For new generation girls that turn to health care and body shaping, that besides selecting proper diet with little calories, exercising is another important activity to do. Exercise by Yoga is another popular workout among girls. Not only yoga helps you get fit and firms sustainably, but it also creates the calm in your mind and helps you relax your stress in excellent.

However, today’s topic is Yoga exercising, but it’s not just general Yoga on mat that we usually see. Its unique feature is you have to be on the board that floats on the water surface aka SUP Yoga. The SUP Yoga is very popular among Hawaii beach. Shortly, we pretty sure that it will be popular among Thai exercise lover and SUP Yoga would attract people more and more.

Benefits of SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga brings you to the new frontier of Yoga that is not just in the room or fitness studio or even on the grass mat and sand. Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga would be performed on the paddleboard that floating on the water surface. It challenges the players and provides fun when exercising. Moreover, Stand up paddleboard Yoga helps improve your body balance, increase breathing control, push the boundary of body limits, calm you mind and restore the youth.

1) Full body exercising

SUP Yoga could burn a lot of calories. It not only helps the player get shaped in chest, waist or hip but also enhance the strength of bone and core muscle. The fat that accrues at your arms and legs would be disappeared.

2) Increase body balance

Due to the unstable when you stand on the paddleboard above the water, it provides a challenge to the players uses all parts of their body to find and maintain their balance when standing above the water. Their muscle would work harder especially at leg muscle and abs muscle. This leads to slender legs and the fat at the abs would be burned out too.

3) Low impact

For those that gain weight, exercising on the ground for the long time would effects to body in the long term especially the damages at joint or tender. The problems will never happen with SUP Yoga.

5 Easy poses for body fit and firm with SUP Yoga

For now, we know how SUP Yoga provides benefits to us. It’s time to know the poses of SUP Yoga and each poses benefits in helping us get fit and firm.

1. Downdog Pose

The first pose is a excellent start for finding your balance to let us balance our body on the paddleboard. The benefits of Downdog pose are strengthen your shoulders and arms, relax the back muscle and hamstring, especially give the youth to your appearance.

2. Chair pose

With is look-like air sitting, Chair pose let us use our thigh muscle, calf muscle and hip muscle to support your body not to fall down from the paddleboard.

3. Modified crescent lunge Pose

Due to Modified crescent lunge pose requires hip and thigh muscle to support your body not to fall down the paddleboard, this pose helps tighten your muscle in lower body parts especially in those to want to reduce the tummy.

4. Warrior2 Pose

This pose helps in reducing the fat around your thigh, hip and helps tighten your tummy. It also helps strengthen your shoulder, upper arm, thigh, hip and back muscle.

5. Triangle Pose

This pose is suit for your lower hip, this pose would helps you tighten your hip and get your hip smaller.

Besides the mentioned poses above as the example of Stand Up Paddle board Yoga, there are many poses to get you fit and firm from your head to toe easily. Especially, everyone could exercise by performing Stand Up Paddle board Yoga, no matter how old are you or how weight you are. Just dare yourself and try something new, you will know that getting fit and firm is not that hard anymore.

If you would like to try, there is SUP Centre at Taco Lake. Check for promotions, then book your time and reserve your board now with Aom at 081-562-5536



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