July 18, 2017

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            Smoothie or fruit smoothie has many recipes. But for SUP players, we would like to recommend this recipe. “Banana Smoothie to boost your power for the gym.” Because SUPboarding requires muscle strength and if you are a hardcore, it is sure that SUP will help you burn much energy. The reason why we recommend this drink because is easy to make and it is a light meal that suits for your stomach and suit for those who exercise. The recipe we introduced today, you could drink both before and after exercise. It emphasises your strength and efficiency in exercise.



            ๐ Frozen banana ( to refreshing and boost up) or a regular one
            ๐ grounded almond
            ๐ FGesh milk
            ๐ Soy milk
            ๐ honey
            ๐ Cinnamon powder



            Slice bananas into small pieces and put in the blender. Then add almond seeds, fresh milk and soymilk periodically to mix well. Using both fresh milk and soymilk to add complete nutrients as well as protein from plants and animals and also helps reduce acidity in the body in the case of eating only animal protein. Then add sweetness from honey. Finally, pour the juice into a glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder to add aroma to your drink.

            This drink helps you feel get your stomach full and has enough energy to exercise. In case of drinking before going to play sports or use fitness equipment, it is recommended to drink in advance for about 20-30 minutes, while drinking after exercising within 30 minutes after exercise as well. This drink is ideal for people who exercise to build muscles and compensate for energy, and it is also a drink to help control your weight.

            For readers who would like to use SUP sports as a means to lose weight or control weight along with being healthy. You need to have both moral and physical fitness ready for playing. When your body is ready, the result will be healthy and a better body shape. Now, do not forget to try it. You will be absolutely beautiful and healthy for sure.


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