7 Benefits to take your kids for a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)

March 01, 2018

The SUP Sports or Stand Up Paddle Board is a water sport that many people have tried and loved it. They also love in the charm of this sport as it is a sport that can play anywhere, whether it is a river, a canal, a lake or the sea. SUP can be played by all ages and meet the lifestyle of today’s people because they can be adapted to the lifestyle and suitability of the individuals. You can try basic SUP, a SUP touring, a SUP racing with friends, or a SUP yoga after a week of work also a good idea. Many people may know that children also can enjoy SUP like any other age. But few people know that sports can help children develop their physical development, brain and emotional learning as well.

7 Benefit to take your kids for a paddle boarding


1. It is a great exercise.

Taking the children to the SUP is not only just for fun, but SUP is also a water sport that offers you many great benefits to your kid’s body, such as the ability to manage the muscles in almost every part of the body. It also does not cause injury or danger while playing because it is a simple sport and not riveting. So that everyone can enjoy comfortably. SUP helps strengthen the immune system and keep you away from fever or get weak easily. In addition, taking your kid to play SUP until they get familiar with the sport is a good idea to instil a good consciousness of exercise loving since their childhood. For children who not able to swim, they may start playing in the pool or canal with shallow water. After that, they can learn to swim while playing with SUP. The sport can be the first step to encourage your kid to play furthering water sports.


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2. Balance training and increase nervous system responsiveness.

The direct benefits of play can help to build and develop synergies between musculoskeletal systems, ligaments, joints, brain systems in children’s brains. The musculoskeletal system, ligaments, joints aka Proprioceptive sense sends information that the muscles are stretching or contracting, even when the body is not moving because of the gravitational pull of the Earth, and then sends signals to stimulate this sensation without knowing. So in every movement of the body, every part of the body must work together as muscles, ligaments, and joints are what makes us capable of recognizing, enabling effective movement control and motion planning, which are essential for children. During balancing on the board or in any movement, it can train their nervous system, ligaments, joints and muscles to work well, helps to control the balance and movement effectively.


3. Meditation

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) also helps in the development of intelligence and concentration for the children, because while standing on the board, it will help children to stay calm and try not to fall from the board. But if you like yoga, then you may try to bring your kid to join SUP yoga. So they will be able to enjoy yoga poses in various forms on the board. The smaller board will give children more fun and challenge. In addition, yoga on the SUP board also helps to meditate, regulate breathing, and flexibility of the body simultaneously. In the case of ADHD kid. meditation is a great way to help them concentrate, stay focus, not be distracted by stimuli, reinforce your kid’s memory, and concentrate on learning things more quickly.


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4. Get in touch with nature and escape from the same activities in the capital.

SUP is a sport that can be played anywhere, a river, a canal, or a beautiful sea. This is a great opportunity to take your family and drive out of town to explore the new atmosphere, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and then get the ozone just a little. But going out and find a gym is not a good idea. So we recommend you to invite your family or kid for a SUP, appreciate and learn about nature altogether, You can try SUP paddling along the river, watching the forest, birds, fish or going SUP tour under blue sky at blue sea is the best idea because it is a new way to travel and also give your kid the natural ozone to get good health.


5. Learn about the safety of water activities.

The drowning rate of children in Thailand is increasing every year because children can not swim and get panic when they experience drowning or do not know how to survive Parents should teach a basic for children to know how to survive and create familiarity in various water situations. So, taking the kids for a SUP, the kids learned the basic of SUP. In addition to safety during the SUP, such as self-help, survival, risky behaviour that might lead to dangerous situations. It is common during the SUP that children might fall into the water. But that is a way to learn and create experiences for children to get used to it and be able to handle it without panic when it comes to real situations.

For children who can not swim, We SUP recommends a small trick that parents should get kids to play in a shallow area, or to put their children in a life jacket with the experts or adults closely. When children are so experienced and familiar with the subject, they can begin to learn how to swim to SUP in a new environment without worrying.


6. Strengthen family relationships.

SUP sport not only strengthens the body’s ability but also strengthens the bond between the members of the family. SUP activities that can be joined by everyone in the family in a free time and create a lot of benefits as a family is the first institution for children that can bond each other up and learn education from the family. This is a basic armour for children to grow up to be a quality and happy kid.

The lifestyle of the parents who work hard all week may cause many adults lacking of time for children and lead to problems that cause children to lack of love, warmth and caring for each other. So the weekend, how about bring family and kid for a SUP to strengthen up family bond?

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7. Raise awareness of nature and the environment.

If parents want to take children to visit or play SUP on natural attractions, it is a good idea to cultivate a sense of nature, awareness, nature conservation and good environment for children. When children have found the perfect environment, such as forests, rivers and the sea, and absorb the environment frequently since their childhood, it helps children to change their sense of mind, change into commitment, love in our natural resources and the environment. Being close to nature also results in emotions and feelings, positive attitudes toward life. In summary, when children have a sense of well-being, the concept of good environmental and natural preservation, they will aware of the environmental situation, such as cherishing resources and nature, being aware of global warming, and practice in living

These are just a few of the many benefits of SUP. If your kid is in the age of growing up and learning, this is the perfect time for parents to strengthen their physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is also an activity that helps to build a strong and warm family institution to provide a foundation for children to grow up to be a quality and happy kid.

Now you know SUP is good for the kid also, why don’t you get your kid for a SUP this weekend? Let’s go!


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