Get to know Inflatable Boards – Are they worth it?

September 01, 2017

Inflatable boards are available with different styles to suit the variety of users and uses. These boards have both the pros and cons of using them. You just need to find the right design for you when buying an inflatable board. With improved technology over the years, inflatable boards have become more durable because they are made from a sturdy material that does not puncture even if the board hits a rock or any other obstacle.


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However, when buying a SUP or Inflatable Board, you should be very considerate to know what you are buying to avoid being frustrated. You should also understand that fibreglass boards and inflatable board perform differently due to designs and the material used. Therefore, a fibreglass board can be able to withstand sea waves better than an inflatable board.

In addition, for beginners or inexperienced paddlers, inflatable boards may be hard to control especially on the rough sea. You should get as much information about these board to make an ideal choice. For instance, most people prefer having inflatable boards because they have a uniform thickness from the head to the bottom.

On the other hand, most people complain that inflatable boards can be flimsy at times. This however depends on the weight of the paddler or if the board is not inflated enough to be sturdy! Therefore, if the board tend to sink at the centre, you need to fill it with more air to support your weight. Ideally, inflatable boards are filled with about 12-14 pounds of air depending on the weight of the rider. These boards are very ideally to most people who are concerned about space and storage. You can deflate or inflate the board at any time to facilitate transport or storage.

Although there are some cons of buying an inflatable SUP board, here are the reasons why you should buy one:



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            Benefits of an Inflatable SUP Board

            👉🏻  Light weight

These inflatable boards are very light making them easy to carry from one point to another. In addition, due to their weight, these boards are easy to control and hence good for beginners, kids and families.

            👉🏻 Compact

This is one of their major benefits. When not in use, you can just deflate and roll them up to occupy less space. The material used in construction can easily be compacted to economize on space, unlike the solid board.

            👉🏻  Convenient

Since they occupy less space, you can carry them anywhere ready for use. It is easy to store them in your car and use them whenever you want to surf.

            👉🏻  Rigidity

The inflatable board are very rigid and robust when inflated such that they bounce off rocks or any other obstacles. Additionally, they don’t chip like solid boards when they hit a rock or any other hard object.

            👉🏻  Price

If we compared to solid SUP boards, inflatable boards are less expensive and hence affordable to most people

            👉🏻 Robust

They are made from a sturdy material which is tough to damage easily. The material is also designed to cope with bumps and rocks for durability

There is a wide variety of inflatable SUP boards, you just need to take your time to do a thorough research, read reviews and comments from different websites and you will get it right when buying one. Inflatable SUP boards can be great fun, you just need to choose the right one and then learn how to use it.

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