What is Inflatable Board? How to choose it?

August 05, 2016

What is Inflatable Board? How to choose it? For the rookies that new with Stand Up Paddle board might wonder, “Which type of board that suits to me?” As we mentioned in the previous articles that Stand Up Paddle Board was categorized into 5 types of usage. You can read the previous article here.

Let WeSUP introduce you Inflatable Board. Let’s take a look.

What is Inflatable Board?
The inflatable board has its core as air pumping in the board before using it. Inflatable Boards are made from different materials. Some are made from thick rubber or PVC Polyurethane and Polymers. Some are made the combination of many materials, depends on the board brand. The inflatable board is more flexible but stronger than other kinds of board.
Inflatable Board and its weight capability
Inflatable Board is varied to response the different demand of usage. With its difference in appearance and size made it has its weight capability from players up to 130 kilograms in general board and various in many models. The inflatable board has its highest weight capability up to 700 kilograms for team board.
Inflatable Board weight only 10-15 kilograms.
Inflatable Board was sold in the set as a package with its bag, which contains the equipment for paddling in the bag and has its bag weight total 10-15 kilograms (depends on each brands and models). Inflatable board that already inflated has its lower weight as 10 kilograms, which is very light when compare to other types of board. The inflatable board package consists of;

  1. Inflatable Board
  2. Pumping valve
  3. Removable Paddle
  4. Storage bag
  5. Fin

Inflatable Board is portable, easy for carrying. It’s all in one!
Inflatable Board comes with its bag with its equipment in the bag. That’s mean everything is fit in just one bag. The bag size is only 20 inches, as same as the luggage bag. You can put it anywhere at your place, requires little-storing area. When you would like to go out for paddling, just put it in your cap. Or sometimes, you might use the public transportation; it’s not difficult anymore to carry around. After the playing, you could flat the air out and pack in its bag. Moreover, the kit comes with its sash, easy to carry around and relocate.
Various types to serve the usage demands.
Inflatable Board is varies to serve the demands of usage in different players. Some might say inflatable borad is too big and made them move slower. Actually inflatable board has its length from 26-60 inches, which serve different type of using such as playing yoga, slow paddling along the river or speed paddling and surfing in the sea or even team paddling on one board. Inflatable board comes in many model depends on the usage which is compatible to the pool, pond, canal, river and sea. Inflatable board serves many kinds of activity such as sight seeing paddling along the river, paddling in the sea for surfing or playing yoga and even in your morning exercising at the pool. Lots of activity might have inflatable board take part in. Selecting an inflatable board is significant hence it has to serve our using demand and get the best benefits and ability from the board. If you still have no idea about the Stand Up Paddle playing type, try reading this article about Inflatable board type and its properties Herehttp://star-board-sup.com/2016/overview-inflatable/

Selecting Inflatable board to suit you lifestyle.

1. Longer board would better to ride and fly with the wave, in general.
2. Wider borad would better in balancing, in general.
3. Shorter board would turn better, in general.

WeSUP would like to introduce the Stand Up Paddle rookie players that are willing to find their own one for training their paddling skills or ladies that would like to try Stand Up Paddle Yoga and those who would like to find a board for rafting along the river for sightseeing.
Inflatable board for newbie serve 3 kind of usage as;

Starboard Inflatable Board ATLAS 12’0″x33″

Starboard Inflatable Board ATLAS 12'0"x33"

Starboard Inflatable Board ATLAS 12’0″x33″


This model is very popular hence it is the easiest for newbie. With it width up to 33 inches made it easy to balance yourself on and made Stand Up Paddle not that hard to get started. Moreover, this model is compatible in the sea and backwater such as river, canal or pond.

For more information: http://star-board-sup.com/2016/boards/12-0-x-33-inflatable_atlas/


Starboard Inflatable Board  Yoga DASHAMA 10’0″x35″

Starboard Inflatable Board Yoga DASHAMA 10'0"x35

Starboard Inflatable Board Yoga DASHAMA 10’0″x35


No doubt that this model is suited for Stand Up Paddle Yoga playing. From the model name, Dashma is a famous yoga guru. This board is suited for ladies that are looking for an inflatable board for their yoga training. With its exclusive property as 35 widths, it makes you could balance yourself easier when playing Stand Up Paddle Yoga and provides you the agility. Moreover, on the top of the board is soft. You will not worry to get hurt anymore. Suits for yoga, Pilates exercising or even general exercising. With is stripe at its side; it won’t hamper you when you are playing. Another unique property, this model provides GoPro camera grip. How about taking a photo of you exercising?

For more information: http://star-board-sup.com/2016/boards/10-0-x-35-inflatable-yoga-dashama/

Starboard Inflatable Board Touring 12’6″x31″

Starboard Inflatable Board TOURING 12'6"x31"

Starboard Inflatable Board TOURING 12’6″x31″


This Touring model has its width as 31 inches. Its appearance would different from 2 board mentioned above. This inflatable board would be more slender, which make it a little bit harder to balance on. It suits to long traveling in both sea and backwater, provides high agility and good speed. Moreover, there is the strip at the head of board for storing your belonging such as water bottle, lunchbox or clothes for changing.

For more information: http://star-board-sup.com/2016/boards/12-6-x-31-inflatable-touring/


How was it? Now you have an idea to get your own Inflatable board, aren’t you?

For questions or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are gladly to please you.



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