SUPBROz in Paris

May 01, 2017

            The journey of a Champion

            “Bruno Hasulyo Power’s to Victory as 600 Paddlers Invade Paris” – SUPRACER

            Yesss, That’s my Brother! The flat water powerhouse, the Champion of the biggest SUP race ever seen in the History of SUP with a record field of 600 paddlers among which current 2016 World, European Champion and my self!

            Took off, never looked back, setting a pace that only him could keep up, increasing the lead stroke by stroke, finishing almost a full minute ahead of the best paddlers of the world, including Casper Steinfath,Arthur Arutkin, Paolo Marconi, Martin Vitry, Vinnicius Martins, the Teulade brothers, Boris Jinveresse and his biggest rival yet best friend Me, Daniel Hasulyo. It was his race. He wanted it more than any of us and he has worked harder than ever to close the 2016 Racing season with an outstanding headline – “BRUNO HASULYO FLEXES HIS FLAT WATER MUSCLES TO WIN THE 600- STRONG PARIS CROSSING” – SupRacer


            Sounds easy, but every person getting on the water knows that the Paris Crossing is one of the most brutal sup races of the world besides being the most beautiful scenic paddle race course any paddler could dream of.

            Freezing cold air hitting hard on every inch of skin you don’t cover. Splashing water that feels like 1000 needles passing trough your body. Numb frozen legs that feels like trunks screwed in your ties, but none of this matters when you see you brother from far passing the Finish line putting shame on one of the most powerful TOP 10 of the World and your heart is pumping in your throat from happiness and proudness. He dreamed it big and went for it straight. Bruno for me you are the Champion!

            Power, determination and incredible constancy in training and life has payed off and Paris has rewarded – after outstanding performance at the 11 Cities SUP Tour and this unbelievable smashing Victory at the Ice Cold Water Colosseum of Paris by the end of the 2016 Racing Season, Bruno and my self, the SUPBROz, are considered among the strongest flat water paddlers of the world and definitely the highest ranked Brother Couple of the Sport!

            Arriving to Paris was already a challenge as the beautiful airport of Charles de Gaul hasn’t really been designed to run around with 12’6 Raceboards, however the staff was very friendly and helped us the handle the boards around with care.

            Paolo Marconi, one of Italy’s top paddlers, our good friend picked us up from the Airport. Bruno was still fresh from his Maui trip where he was training with Connor, while my girlfriend and I flew in from Bangkok….what to say, Paris has frozen us, not only for it’s beauty but literally, as there was almost 30’C heat difference between there and where we’ve been living for the past years. The cold, winter colors, the smell of Christmas in the air made us clear that this race is going to be different, special and unforgettable. Bruno’s smashing Victory made it timeless. Paolo Marconi

            A Day before the race we enjoyed Paris, visited some of the most spectacular sites of the city and lastly went to the Salon Nautic at the Port de Versailles to prepare our boards for the battle.

            The board choice for this event was particulary important. We seen that in the last 5 years 3 of the competition has been won by Starboard Sprints. Well, as part of the Starboard Dream Team our choice was pretty clear. There was going to be no better board for this flat water/ river-chop condition than the 017 Starboard 12’6×23 Sprint the fastest 12’6 on the market. No need of explanation, the board has worked incredibly well and brought Bruno to Victory again!

            On the race Day we woke up a 5:30 – Completely dark outside, frozen windows, stingy winter breeze…

            Shower – Coffee- Oats&Banana and getting ready to hit the Mountain, hmmm…nope, getting ready for the Biggest SUP Race of the Year Thermal Under Wear, Boots, Long johns, Scarf, Neoprene Compression Jacket, an other lycra, beanie and one more jacket and GOOD TO GO, still not sure if we were going to Ski or Paddle, but when at 6:30 in front of the Salon Nautic the Paris we saw hundreds of enthusiast penguins waiting to get on the bus holding onto their ice cold carbon paddles, we knew that we were in the right place and it was sure that we were going to paddle!

            When we arrived at the National Library of France we were surprised to see that actually 600 paddlers + organizers + families and friends has gathered together to assist the kick off of what was the largest start line registered in professional stand up paddle boarding. A real mass participation event, run with perfection despites the biting cold and the amount to people to guide on the water!

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            The atmosphere was amazing, 600 sport enthusiast getting ready for their coldest 13kms ever paddled.

            The rest is History! After a complicated start, Bruno was gone, and by the time we warmed up after the shocking cold, burning freezing first 20 minutes, there was no way to get him. The distance between him and us the 2nd leading group of approximately 12 paddlers grow even bigger when while we were still going upstream to go around the Notre Dame Cathedral (without seeing what Bruno was doing behind the corner ,downstream again), Bruno sprinted unseen for his lead even more, so that by the time we turned he could sit back on a normal strong pace but instantly he increased his lead from 25 to 300meters without that we could even notice! From there it was a straight line, we knew it. He knew it! The celebration could begun!

            Bruno Hasulyo WINNER of the 2016 Paris Crossing! A Dream come true, a name to remember!

            The race and the result is a direct reflection of the hard work we’ve put in our training and our performance with our trainers at the Strength and Endurance Performance Academy, without them and all our sponsors – Starboard, RipCurl School of Surf, Pod Chocolate, SUPSKIN and SupStation Thailand, this wouldn’t have been possible, but now we know that with the support of family and friends and an always growing international SUP Community big results can follow big dreams and we are going to make sure that the name SUPBROz and the Victory of Bruno in Paris will continue to inspire more and more people to enjoy nature, love all the waters and to share the passion we all have for the outdoors, our real play-ground, no matter condition, for example -2 in Paris!


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