Why Paddleboarding is More Fun than Kayaking

June 21, 2017

            Stand up paddle boarding has taken the outdoor world by storm. Almost anywhere you find water you’ll see people seemingly walking on it via their SUPs. As this watersport gains in popularity, it leaves many wondering whether they should pick up kayaking or paddleboarding. Many kayakers are thinking of making the switch themselves or at least looking to try it out. While there are many reasons to kayak over paddleboarding.

SUP สนุกกกว่า คายัค WeSUP Thailand

            Here are the main reasons when you’ll want to SUP instead of kayaking.

            ✤ Good workout with low impact even you have back and leg pain ✤

            Many kayakers experience lower back and leg pain. Even very roomy kayaks with good backrests, padded seats, and proper outfitting can still give some people that cramped feeling while paddling for any amount of time. Standup paddleboarding will help you avoid the cramped feeling and the pain you feel in your lower back and legs that is caused by sitting too long.

            With a stand up board, you have to balance. Just the simple act of balancing engages all of your core muscles (think: abs, butt, legs). Once you add in the paddling aspect, you are then working out your upper body–arms, waist and obliques. The standing and the paddling combined gives a workout of your complete musculature system. Any type of SUPing you chose, flatwater, racing, surfing or yoga will be fun and a great all around workout.

            ✤ Better scenario when Stand Up Paddling ✤

            The vantage point you get from standing up on the paddleboard down into the water or out a distance away just can’t be beaten by a kayak. You’ll see fish and all kinds of sea life from the deck of your paddleboard when all you’ll get is glare from your kayak. You’ll also be able to see over waves, out onto land, and further out to see. So landmarks are more easily seen, and the beauty of the landscape is more readily encountered from the deck of a paddleboard than from the seat of a kayak.

            ✤ Surfing Waves ✤


            Of course, kayaks can be used to surf waves but since paddleboards are close about surfboards they obviously are well-suited for surfing. With a SUP, you can catch smaller waves quicker–giving you time to make the first section, allowing for longer rides. Also, falling off of your board and getting back on is a lot easier than doing the same in a kayak. You just climb back on. First, a disclaimer–of all the people we have recently taken out SUPing in flatwater–NONE of them have fallen in. This includes kids, older athletes, and scared old ladies. However, flipping a kayak requires rolling it back up which depending on ability and conditions can be difficult. And while kayakers should practice wet-exiting their kayak and getting back in it, this process is also not easy. From standing, you can also see the sets rolling in much better (and farther out) than from sitting. Surfing on stand up board is amazing!

            ✤ Enjoyable in all condition ✤

            In pleasant water and wind conditions, there’s just something about standing up on the board and seemingly gliding across the top of the water while on your feet. Of course the same can be said of paddling a kayak under these circumstances. But the point of this article is to show when paddling a SUP would be appropriate and as such, it is a suitable alternative to paddling a kayak in this case.

            ✤ Much easier and quicker to outing ✤

            When you’re just trying to get out and paddle for a short time, standup paddleboards have a slight advantage. They load and unload from vehicles, and carry by one person a bit easier than kayaks. Most SUP boards are light enough to be carried by yourself. Grab your board, your paddle, and your leash and get in the water. Furthermore, less gear is required to SUP than is for kayaking. While the same can be said of kayaking, that is rarely how it plays out. For some reason, it just seems like all that is involved in paddling is a little bit less for SUPing than is for kayaking.

            Now you realized how SUP is great, how about jumping into it now?! Let’s try SUP once and you will love it for sure. I could say that!
            Interest in SUP? Just contact us. No matter which SUP style you like, just come and grab your experience today.


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Not only SUP is fun and perfect for your entire family, but SUP also has huge benefit for you. SUP opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline. It's a great way to get fit, developing core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health. Unlike surfing, you don't need waves to paddleboard, you can go paddling on any open water, an ocean, lake, and even a river. If you never try SUP, Let's start!