Preparation for the SUP 11-city tour

September 18, 2017

Q: How to prepare yourself for the SUP 11-city tour.

While enjoying the interview with Mr. Paul and Joe, we notice the commitment in their eyes. All their words we got from interview show that both of them has a lot of passion in SUP sports and are happy every time they play or see someone else play the sport. It gave us the opportunity to see their opinion and feel the full positive energy from both of them.


Let’s get to the third interview. For the preparation of participation in this competition, we would like to get you through the difficulty in this competitive match. The SUP 11 city tour is the most competitive for the athlete SUP. In each day of the competition, contestants must paddle for 40 kilometres per day. When they reach 20 km, it will be a break for 15 minutes. In one day, it will take 8 hours to paddle course.

sup 11-city tour

Both of them said the same thing: It’s not easy for a 40-kilometer paddling in 8 hours, so we asked about how they prepare themselves for the competition. We did not have a chance to end our question, Paul answered that immediately that they just keep paddling (sounds simple, right?). Joe also added that we would stand on the board and paddle for up to 40 kilometres. Among the water, we do not know what it is about, it is a matter that our body must be very strong. We must have enough tolerance and endurance too.


For the main preparation, they had to experienced is practising their paddling daily dozens of miles a day to keep their body fit and able to stand on the board in the long run. They both say the same thing as their upper body is not a problem. Because if one side of their body gets tired, it can change to the other one. But in the lower part of the training is very hard. By practising every day, standing on the board. In a day, they must stand on the board for at least 6-7 hours, practising in the afternoon and in the morning, we separate into individual training by running at least 1 hour a day to prepare your leg muscles to be able to stand for a long time and not get a cramp.



Among other things that are more important than getting their body to train harder and harder is the intention, which also important as well. Because the competition in this program is measured by tolerance, strength, patience, and the most important is the commitment itself.


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