Golden Rules of SUP Training for the best result

August 28, 2016

SUP Training Beach_WeSUP
SUP Training is a program for SUP training in periods, which has many types as weekly, monthly or yearly. SUP Training program arrangement is important for both professional player and novice players includes those people who would like to take SUP for best efficient.

It is essential to set a high quality of SUP training program to reach the athletic goals and potential. Here are the 10 golden rules of SUP training:

Rule 1

A program will confer the best results to you if you perform in a consistent, enthusiastic and confident manner. It should be kept in mind that results contribute to being the only thing that matters at last. If a certain thing works for the right, stay committed to the same and continue to do it. As you procure a higher experience in the industry, you can set up the optimal program at much ease.

Rule 2

A load of training should be from one week to the other in a single mesocycle. It will again start from one mesocycle to the other in the macrocycle. In every week, the intensity and volume of workout should enhance in a slow fashion.

Rule 3

The first rule says that intensity is the foundation of different good training programs. Be it whole body, short, long and split programs, the intensity is a must. All the training should be similar to the marathon. A higher sprint assists in a higher and effective training. If the training is accomplished in a marathon type, it helps you to progress lesser in a longer time.

Rule 4

It is known to all that planning is an essential step to procure success in any work. And there is no exception to the rule here as well. It is a prerequisite that you should be planning your schedule for training in a perfect manner. This helps you to achieve maximum efficiency during workouts.

Rule 5

It is known to all that workouts with high intensity happens to be an integral part of SUV training programs. However, the golden rule is that you should intake sufficient rests during the sessions. This is generally required for letting the body recover fully. 24hours time duration is generally required for the proper recovery during workouts. However, you should not overdo it at the same time.

Rule 6

It is a must that you should be paying proper attention to nutrition at the time of training. It is of utmost importance that the body should get the adequate amount of nutrients for availing the desired results. Nutrition is required for the body while doing good training. You should take proper nutrition in a consistent manner during SUP training programs.

Rule 7

It is recommended to take short rests amidst the sets. However, the rest should be taken for a longer period of time so that you get your full strength back. The rest time should not be too long at the same time that you lose focus and concentration. In heavy weight training, you should procure most of the strength before you move in the next set.

Rule 8

During the training, the intensity and volume should be raised and reduced in a periodic manner with an eye to producing improvements. It is a must to do the same as in its absence the fitness of an athlete will reduce or remain same. You cannot expect a varied result if you keep doing the similar thing time and again. This calls in need for the variation in the volume and intensity which will eventually help in procuring desired results.

Rule 9

You should allow your body to heal during the training. This helps in preparing your body for further improvements. Hence after each cycle, there should be an easier week. This assists the body in taking proper rest. The body is recovered in a proper manner prior to the beginning of the next cycle.

Rule 10

Specific preparations are necessary for the race. You can make a plan of racing in the choppy water which will eventually confer a grand success during the training. You can practice running on a beach or choppy conditions for procuring a grand success during the training programs.

You can get the desired results from the workout with the aid of SUP training. Following the golden rules help you to achieve those results with much ease. You can workout in a smarter way by following these rules.


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