8 Iron Rules You Must Do Before Camping with SUP Board

May 16, 2018

Many people may have the experiences about trekking to camping, but do you know?, you can try a new way of adventure camping with SUP Board (Stand Up Paddle Board) as well. In particular, people who have the SUP in your heart and soul should try to experience with SUP-camping trip for once in your life because the camping in a new unique style makes you feel more excited. Today, we bring 8 iron rules of techniques you need to know before camping by SUP Board to make sure that this camping will be certainly simple and safe for you.


1. Survey the camping site, season, and the most suitable period

Before you take a trip with SUP Board camping, the first important rule and necessary thing that everyone must do. It is “Planning” to where you want to take a floating SUP Board camping on! The study of the information of each place whether its route, geography, tides, weather and any details of that place in each perspective which are essential with a floating SUP Board camping. You need to explore the mentioned information clearly because those factors can help you to plan, make a decision, or prepare any equipment before you take a floating SUP Board camping.


2. Choose the most suitable board

For the floating SUP Board camping, the most important equipment is SUP Board. As many people know that there are many different types, and sizes of SUP Board for each personal purpose. So, the important rule is choosing the SUP Board which is the most suitable with the place you will go. If you choose the wrong SUP Board, many problems might occur to you. Moreover, it may destroy your trip like when you have a plan to float a SUP Board on the torrent area and has many rocks over there or the shoal river, you should choose to use the inflatable board which is made by the polymer. The important technique of choosing the board is the strength. The board must be ready to use and big enough for storing your stuffs, able to handle the size and weight of personal appliance, equipment, and others necessary tools as appropriate.


3. Take only the necessary stuffs

Don’t forget that you will not take this camping trip by the Yacht or the big Canoe, but you float by the SUP Board with the fit size. That means you cannot take everything you want together with you because it has the limited space of SUP Board. So, before you choose your stuffs and put it into your bag, you should take a few minutes to list the necessary things in advance because this is the way to save your time and save your life to prevent your forgetting. If you don’t know what you should bring it together, we have the guidance of necessary things that you can choose from the below lists;

– SUP Board / paddle

– The equipment for cooking and fuels

– Safety equipment

– The clothes

– Map and compass

– Bag and plastic bag

– Water and necessary things for cooking and living

– Others necessary appliances such as pills or personal appliance

– The necessary equipment for camping like tent, sleeping bag, etc.


4. Put the stuffs on the board and try to paddle it

The package of stuffs and its position are important as well. While you float the SUP Board, sometimes it might be hit by the waves and make your stuffs sodden. So, the waterproof bag is the good helper to help you to save your stuffs. Another trick is separating the stuffs in each small bags, then put all of them into the big bag together, for example, camping equipment, food and cooking equipment, tools and safety equipment, to be easier to pick them up. When you put the stuffs on the board, you should make its weight balance on the board and bind it by the rope to attach them together. The last trick is putting all of your stuffs on the board and try to paddle it to inspect that it is ok or not because if you found the problem, you will solve it on time.


5. Prepare yourself to handle each climate and safety

When you take a floating SUP Board camping, you need to learn about each type of climate and the way to handle it. You should know how to survive, float on the water, and use the safety equipment when the emergency case occurs. Not only you, but everyone in your camping group have to know and understand in this topic as well. By the way, if any people have a plan to stay on camping overnight on the river area, you strictly should not float a SUP Board alone at night.


6. Plan for floating a SUP Board camping trip carefully

The planning in part of the route of floating a SUP Board is a very important thing because it absolutely won’t be a good idea if you didn’t plan anything about the route and the actual time you take on the trip. Before you float a SUP Board, besides the route survey, you also need to mark the checkpoint, the camping area, and the time you will take on the floating trip from one place to another place appropriately. Don’t forget to spend a few moment to take a rest at each checkpoint, the camping area, or the interesting place that you found and the way when you float the SUP Board.


7. Prepare enough food and water

Food is the necessary thing to boost up your power to paddle the SUP Board, so when you take a floating SUP Board trip, you need to calculate the appropriate calories intake in each meal together with the best and sufficient nutrition. Don’t forget that floating a SUP Board is the activity that you need to paddle it for a long way and long time, then you need to plan and calculate how much calories you need to consume. The water is also important and you need to keep the drinking water in the clean place and enough for you. If you’re not sure that the water is clean enough for you, you might boil it to sterilize the bacteria and virus before you drink.


8. Additional secret tricks

– Bring the repair tools for SUP Board or accessory such as paddle for one or two pieces on your trip

– Take the first-aid or equipment to use in the emergency situation such as a flashlight, pocket knife, sunscreen, medicine, or medicine for congenital disease, etc.

– The bag position should be balance on the board and put it to easy to pick and find the things when emergency situation as well such as the first-aid bag should be put on the front or around yourself

– Keep clean and concern about the environment while camping or float the SUP Board


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