When you are joining the SUP competitive, what you need to prepare?

November 22, 2018

To joining a SUP challenge, it’s not only need a physical well-being and ready to do a challenge, another factor is a trim proper equipment. These mentioned components can lead you to reach the goal and being a winner. If you’re the new comer without any experience, or even people who already had an experience and looking for some new tricks of choosing SUP equipment for a competition to accelerate the speed and preparation for next competitions. Today we would like to recommend some necessary equipment lists for joining the SUP competition, together with some techniques to select the speed accelerated equipment.


Why do we need to be punctilious when we choose the SUP equipment, when all equipment looks similar?

That’s wrong! Each type of equipment has some different, even SUP board also need to adjust to suitable to the player’s style and oarsman for speeding up. For example, when the player makes a turn, if SUP board is a standard designed without any adjustment for the user, it might cause to the user’s make an overmuch wide sweep oarsman that waste the time in a competition. Moreover, if the players use the low-quality equipment, they might get injury while doing a competitive and lose the chance to be a winner. On the other hand, if the player uses the high-quality equipment and well-setting board, they will not only play SUP with enjoyment feeling but also support them to be a winner of the competition. So, we had listed the necessary equipment which the player should prepare before joining the SUP competition, together with the professionally equipment selecting tricks.


1. Board

SUP Board is the most important equipment because this is the heart of SUP competition. The board appearance is long-narrow, and a bit of curve which help to stop the board sink in the water to speed up the SUP board. This type of board has some disadvantages like taking a long time to be familiar, so this board is more suit to experience people. Other than the type of SUP board, other factors also important as well. For example;
– The material of SUP board. The low-quality material also affects to low-ability of SUP board as well. The carbon board is the recommend and most popular board because players can boost the speed up easily. Lastly, the player should gather more information and compare the advantage and disadvantage of each board with their style.
– When people choosing a SUP board, they must consider the user’s body shape as well. If the player is tall, the shortboard might cause them to have a backache or others pain while competition. Normally, standard SUP board that the competitors use in the competition is 14 ft. or 12 ft. 6 inches, but some competition also have available boards for letting the competitors choose the one they want. This style of competition is short-distant or informal competition. However, the most important thing to do before joining the competition is checking the board to be ready for use.


2. Fin

Fin is another necessary equipment for control the board movement in the direct way. The factor of choosing the fin depends on type of board, type of SUP activity, stream, environment, and the place. For example, if the tide of competition area is calm, the player can use only one fin. There are many types and size of fin such as the huge single fin which is being a helping tools to control the board while floating on the calm river or on the wave surface. The double and triple fins are the multi-fins. The multi-fins installation can support the coordination among the player, board, and tide. The double fins are installed to control the board easier when need to make a turn. The triple fins will support the tide pushing on the waves to control direction of board.


3. Girth

The tying up at the ankle while paddle the SUP is a necessary step to be safety. In the SUP competition, we should use the coiled girth instead of the linear girth because the coiled girth, which looks like telephone girth, rarely hatch to others to be a threat of the competition. However, we also have to control the length of girth to suit between the ankle and board. The tying up technique is binding with turning the knot to opposite side of player to avoid the trouble with your feet. Another trick of SUP competition is change the tying position from ankle to the waist together with using a lockable belt to save the time when you need to change the board when you are in a competition.


4. Paddle

Paddle is another necessary equipment for making a forward movement, so the paddle selecting also need to consider to the shape and size of paddle. The size of paddle is directly related to the type of SUP activity and player’s body. Generally, the bulky person will use a huge paddle because of more efficiency oar. However, the huge paddle also has the disadvantage because it needs more energy to paddle that the player might be weak when oar in a long way. Thus, when people join the SUP competitive, it will be better if they choose the small paddle to prevent any injuries and keep the energy for paddle for a long time. Another factor of choosing the paddle is the paddle material. If the player uses the paddle which made by low-quality or inappropriate material, the effects are not even getting injuries, but also decrease the competitive ability. There are many types of paddle such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastic, and aluminum. For SUP competitive, we recommend you to use fiberglass or carbon fiber paddle because these types of paddle are light weight and high-quality that proper to paddle in a long distance. Moreover, another trick is choosing the paddle which higher than the player’s height around 8-10 inches to enhance the paddle ability.


5. Vest Backpack

When you take a long SUP competitive around half of a day, your body might lose a lot of water. It will definitely terrible if you let your body out for a long time. Then, in every competition, you should carry the vest backpack along with you. The appropriate vest backpack should be waterproof and fitting size to avoid the competition obstacle. If there is the short distant competition, you also wear the life jacket instead of vest backpack to protect yourself.


6. Appropriate clothing

The appropriate clothes choosing should consider to the condition, surrounding environment, and weather. The cloth should be proper and suitable for the environment and weather at that time because it can affect to the ability of competitor. For example, when the competition takes place under sultry weather, and the player ware many sweaters. That definitely increases the temperature of their body and also decrease the paddle ability that might lead to an accident.

In each competition, the equipment and body strength are the essential part to support the player to reach their target and being a winner. However, your life security must be the first factor which needs to think over above most of all.


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