Build up your child to be clever by playing Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

September 28, 2018

Parents are the important part of child development, learning attention, and being the main factor to lead the children to be clever and grow up to be a quality resource. The way to take care of the child to be clever is not only learning by the lesson, but recreation activities also support their learning. Childhood is the age of being inquisitive so that the parents should encourage their childlike let them do the activities in different environment. These ways very helpful to build up the children to develop their skill and progress. Thus, we also have some trick to build up your child to be clever by doing an enjoyable activity such as SUP.


SUP is another popular sport in worldwide because there is a new sport style integrated with enjoyable and extreme. Whether any gender or any age also can play SUP since there is safety sport and doesn’t have any bad side effect to player’s body. Moreover, the advantage of SUP in the others field such as build up the body strengthen, enhance the skill, and therapy. So, these are the reasons why SUP become popular sport and tend to be more and continuous popular in Thailand. SUP is the activity which is more than a sport because it proper with children, building up their body strengthen, practice the multi-tasks and skills, together with learning about the surrounding environment of children nicely. If any parents are looking for the extracurricular activity for your child, SUP should be the one of your choices.

Although the fact that whether the children will be clever or not depends on what their parents treat while they are in the womb, but don’t forget that the clever also can build up by the upbringing and encouragement from parents. The type of clever can be separated into 3 types; Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Moral Quotient (MQ). In this case, when the child plays SUP regularly, it can be lead them to be more self-confident and their brain is also stimulated to be more brilliant.


IQ or Intelligence Quotient is the measurement of personal intelligence, analyzing, academic knowledge, memory, reading-writing skill, and calculation skill. IQ development of each person obtains from the genetic 50%, another 50% could gain from the surrounding environment and the upbringing which become their personal potential when they grow up.

SUP and the intelligence progressive: The SUP paddle is the sport which the players not only need to control the balance when standing up on the board but also need to have a incoming plan in their brain. These are the reason why parents should let their child play a SUP because it can help and motivate them to think, plan, and decide what they should do in next steps. Moreover, SUP can lead the children to be able to solve a problem at their hand when they face the emergency situation and no one can help them such while the child must paddle their board to reach the goal, or trying to control their body balance on the board. They need to resolve the problem with other external factors like the stream, weather, accelerate, and paddle frequency. These factors lead the children to be brave and able to make a decision. This mentation cause the child’s brain to be always motivated developed and fostered them to be self-confident.


EQ or Emotional Quotient Quotient is the measurement of emotional intelligence that means the personality, self-control, and thinks before speaking, and able to analyze or realize to the feeling of themselves and others.

UP and the emotional progressive:: The SUP is the activity which motivates the children to be clever and develop their emotional intelligent via the activities while paddling SUP. For example;
– Create some happiness for children: SUP is the activity to build up happiness for children nicely because they will enjoy and release their energy while taking this action. Moreover, when parents let the child play SUP in the new environment with other children, they tend to feel more motivated and happy than playing alone in the same old environment. This activity not only lead the child feel more positive and happy, but also reduce irritable, anxious, and self-willed behavior!

– Help the child to control their feeling: Some child lacks in emotional control, irritable, and anxious, if the parents ignore their feeling or neglect to resolve this problem, these bad habit will be their habitually until they grow up to be adult. The good solution is inviting them to play a SUP. SUP can lead them to be calm, able to control their emotion and intelligence because when they are balancing themselves on the board, they need to use a lot of concentration and consciousness. If they are hot-tempered or aggressive, they might fall from the board easily. Thus, the child needs to be more careful and protect themselves from falling. So, whether the children who are hot-tempered or hyperactive children (Attention Deficit Disorder) can play SUP to develop their minds as well.

– Help the child to be more socialize: Some children are bashful or not dare to familiarize with others. This problem can lead to the socialized and language usage problem in their future. The suggestion solution is letting the children to socialize with their same age friends to make them being more self-confident. Especially, when the children play a SUP at SUP Station or get involve SUP KID project, which consists of the children from different ages and nationality, together with doing the excited activity. This is the opportunity of children to meet some new friends and rise up their socialize skill in the same time.


MQ or Moral Quotient is the personal thinking in part of moral and conscience. The moral intelligent cannot practice or train in the short period, it need take a lot of time to learn and gain an experience. So, parents must indoctrinate their child since they was young to lead them familiarizes and become their habit when they are adult.

SUP and the personal moral development: : SUP isn’t the activity which only helps children to develop their brain and control their emotion, but also rises up their simple moral thinking. For example, when parents let their child plays SUP among nice natural environment, it can motivate them to cherish, and realize the importance of the river, beach, and forest. Moreover, the child also can join Trash Hero Kid Activity which is the activity to collect the garbage in the community around Bangkok both in the river and on the land. This activity uses the SUP to be supporting tool when they need to go to some inaccessible places. The target of this activity is causing the children to realize the common interest, community conservation, and avoiding to exploit others which are the major principle and help to develop a basic thinking of children.


In the way of growing up to be clever and intelligent children, it doesn’t mean only the intelligent quotient. There are many children who grow up to be clever adults, but defect on the emotional and moral quotient which lead them to face many problems in their daily life. So, to avoid these problem, parents should put down the flooring in part of intelligent, emotional, and moral for the children since they were young to make they grow up with happiness. If any parents are finding some activities for their children after finish the class or holiday to build up their enjoyment together with learning and practice the skills, SUP is one of the interesting choices. In Thailand, there is SUP KIDS project at SUP STATION which is located at Bueng Tako, Bangna K.M. 13 that welcomes every child to join with SUP activity. The target of this project is group the interested children to learn and develop their intelligent via sub-activities in the program. They can meet the new friends in both Thai and foreign to do the activities together. This can help them to grow up to be moral and intelligent person, and become the quality adult in the followings days.


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