8 tricks for newbies who play a water SUP first time!

September 20, 2018

The way of newbies to begin to play a SUP as extremely fun, proper, and safety is the problem of many SUP newbies because they don’t know the method or trick to play SUP. In the fact that SUP is the sport which proper with every people whether any ages or gender because of easy to play, fun, and impact or injury to the body is less percentage than others sport. However, some people still afraid to play SUP for many reasons.

WE SUP had bought the (un) secret with 8 tricks for newbie as followings!


1. Understand the equipment usage and the way to play a SUP

When you start to play a SUP for the first time, you should study or understand to the equipment usage and basic SUP playing method because it leads you to play SUP easily and avoid the problem while playing. There are various equipment for SUP playing, but the main equipment as followings;

SUP Board:

The main equipment of this sport consists of several types and patterns that depend on the user’s objectives and factors. For example; the surrounding while playing a SUP, objectives, etc. For the newbies, you might try to use a normal board with a standard size first, or consult with the expert about the board selection to proper with your playing style.


SUP paddle consists of the handle and propeller which are the most important components to control the direction to move forward. We would like to suggest that if your paddle is dropped while playing, don’t try to get down from the board to seize your paddle, but you should still stand on the board and try to catch your paddle instead.

Ankle belt:

The safety equipment of SUP is the ankle belt because it can help to attach your ankle with the board. If you are dropped out from the board, your bodies still attach with the board that make you are able to climb or swim to your board rapidly.


2. Proceed gradually

Don’t forget that the SUP playing for the first time is the learning to be familiar and professional because no one can play a SUP since they took birth. So, you should start to play a SUP gradually without any pressure like the learning to be skillfully in the short period. But you need to do trial and error gradually to practice yourself to be familiar, after that, you will be able to adapt by based on your experience while you need to make a decision when you play a SUP. Moreover, the place of playing a SUP is also an important thing. For the first time, you should play on the still water which will be easy for your practice and control the direction. If you play on the open area like a sea or the rapid water, it’s difficult to control the movement and also make you feel unpleasant and cause to an accident. Thus, you should begin to play a SUP with the easy way and gradually increase the level to be harder when you gain enough experience.


3. Safety first

Whether you play any sport or do anything in your daily life, the safety should be the base for living and making a decision. If you play a SUP for the first time, you also need to pay attention to the safety. For the person who cannot swim or play a SUP for the first time, you should wear safety equipment like Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or others floating equipment while playing a SUP. Moreover, don’t forget to attach your ankle with the board by ankle belt. Even you are the only one who wears a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), you don’t be shy because of safety first. Most of all, the SUP player should warm up the body before playing, follow the rules, and avoid doing any harmful action.


4. Able to handle on every situation

When you begin to do something without any experience, you may don’t know what barrier you will face. So, you have to be conscious, ready to handle, and able to make a decision in the various situation. For example, when you play a SUP, there is heavy stream water that makes you cannot control your direction, falling from the board, feel numb, or cramp while playing. Thus, before you play a SUP, you should find the information to be able to handle various situations.


5. Observe the surrounding

If you bend over your body on a board while moving through the water when you are playing a SUP, that’s not a good idea. Normally, when people play a SUP for the first time, they might afraid to fall from the board that makes them always bend over to look at a board. However, this behavior might lead you to be lack of confident in playing SUP. The way to build up your confident is looking up to see the surrounding environment instead of looking down because it helps you to be confident and relieves. Especially, the looking up also practice your observation which is the basic qualification of SUP player. The main qualifications of SUP player consist of the observation of wind direction, stream, weather, or others factor because all factors are able to affect to the paddle pattern. Thus, the surrounding observation, data collection, and gaining the experience are the factors which lead you to step from the newbie to the expert surprisingly.


6. Paddle with the corrective way

“Don’t use only your arm to paddle”. It seems to be strange, but this message is real because SUP is the sport that needs almost every muscles of your body, especially muscle of the trunk. When you exert to paddle, you shouldn’t exert only your arm because it will lead your muscle to be weak and injure when you play for a long time. The good paddle way is you should disperse the muscle usage to the whole body such as arms, shoulder, back, and body. The beginning person should be advised by the expert about the right way to paddle for avoiding the injury.


7. The failure is a lesson

Let yourself on the stress, pressure, or worry and don’t be afraid to do something wrong in the first time. When you fall from the board, paddle in a wrong way, or do something fails, don’t be worry about that because these are your lesson to develop yourself onwards. So, it’s normal for the newbies to fail in something because even the SUP experts also do the failure in some time. Thus, you should accept your error and fix it to be better when you play a SUP in next times.


8. Ask for advice from the expert

This is another best choice for the newbies who need an advice about the right way to play SUP without any injury as well as the trick is asking for the advice from the experts of professionals who have a knowledge and experience to teach you when you learn for the first time. The SUP STATION in Thailand such as Bueng Ta-Ko, SUP Station Pathumthani, SUP Station Koh Chang, or iSUP Samui always have the experts available for the person who interested in SUP. That you can visit there and ask for some advice you need.

We hope these 8 tricks for newbies who play a SUP for the first time that we provide will be the benefit for SUP newbies. The most important for playing SUP is the brave, confident, conscious, and always safe. If you would like to know the additional basic techniques of playing SUP for newbies, you can find it out from this article. After you know the tricks and the right way to play SUP, don’t forget to spend your free time to play and gain the experience with the extreme and healthy sport like SUP.

The playing SUP is easier than you think!


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