Stop aging and enhance your skin by doing SUP YOGA

August 07, 2018

Every human are getting older in every day, especially improper lifestyle, stress, doesn’t sleep at all, or other factors which effect to their body deteriorate. The technology progress in the present day has produced many helping tools such as cream, serum, or even current new technologies to enhance your skin. However, these methods can help for a while and unsustainable. Then, we would like to recommend a new method such as doing SUP YOGA to pertain to the sustainable youth.

The method we mentioned is SUP YOGA which combines 2 types of exercises together; SUP Paddle Board and Yoga. The SUP YOGA is the yoga in many positions on the floated board that make people to be more fun and challenge. The SUP YOGA has many advantages such as burn the excess calories, being healthy, and another one major important advantage is retard aging. So, there are 5 reasons why SUP YOGA retain the youthful skin permanently.


1. Strengthen muscles and increase flexibility

Yoga is a body exercise which stretches through all part of the body. When we exercise, any muscles will be exerted and moved that effects strengthen and flexibility of the muscle to avoid flabby skin and reduce the muscle fats. Basically, SUP can help people to maintain the youth efficiently, safety, and have no negative effect on the body. Furthermore, SUP YOGA also enhance the body to be strengthened, brighten and youthful.


2. Brighten up the skin

People who do yoga usually have a bright skin because yoga can help to improve their movement and being practical exercise with their whole body. Moreover, yoga practice in breathing in and out position can improve the cardiovascular system and adjust the balance of total body. When people take a deep breath, the respiratory system is able to gain more oxygen that leads them to be healthier because human body needs oxygen to restore the deteriorating parts. These might be the reason why SUP YOGA can retain the youthful of a human.


3. Relief the stress

The stress is the emotion that everyone often faces in daily life. If you cannot tolerate or get rid of the stress and let it accumulate in your mind for a long time, it will lead to bad effect on both mental and physical health. When people feel stress, the body will release the stress hormone like cortisol hormone exceeds than usual. This effect caused to the capillary fragility and using a longer time than usual to slough off the dead epidermal cells. Furthermore, this also causes to the wrinkle problem because of degenerated skin and insufficient collagen producing. SUP YOGA is a method to help people moderate their stresses because when they do the exercise, their body will release more neurotransmitters such as Endorphin which is happiness hormone and relief the stress to be more relaxed.


4. Slim, healthy and medication

SUP YOGA is a new way of exercise which is able to burn the excess energy and calories safely even the overweight players. The SUP YOGA can help to accelerate the exceed fats metabolism rate in the whole body what proper with the person who wants to lose their weight safely. This help people to control their weight, muscle, build up the brightening and youthful skin, and also lead to slim shape. If you don’t take care of your health or let yourself to be overweight, it might lead you to look shabby and older than actually you are. Especially the person who has a backache or Flu-Like syndrome which cause by office syndrome, SUP YOGA can be your best helper to retain the youthful and rearrange your body system to reduce the pain of your body.


5. Enhance the body strengthen

Every type of exercise can build up and support the body strengthen nicely, for example, SUP YOGA. The exercise by control the balancing on the board also enforce people to use more energy that is beneficial to their health. The advantages of SUP YOGA are being a modification method such as when people have a back pain or some parts of the body, SUP YOGA could be one of their choices to treat and build up their body strengthen. Moreover, the office workers are the group of people who usually face these problems that SUP YOGA could be the best medicine for them.

These are all reasons why people who do the SUP YOGA look younger than actually they are and be healthy in both mental and physical health. However, we have some tricks to suggest you that when you do a SUP YOGA at outdoor, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen with high SPF, put on the hat, and ware long-sleeve activewear to protect your skin from the UV which is the enemy of brightening and youthful skin.
If anyone interested to do SUP YOGA, there are many places to be chosen such as Bueng Tako st Bangna K.M. 13, or SUP Station at Pathumthani. Or if you want to find some additional places for doing SUP YOGA, please check it out here.
Because people are getting older in every day, then you should spend your free time after finished working or weekend to do the new way of yoga like SUP YOGA to enhance your beauty and health. Remember! The beauty cannot wait for anyone!

Just try it, you will know that how SUP YOGA able to retain your youthful effectively.


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