December 04, 2018

Rub your board to be shiny, and prepare your paddle to be ready. We will take you to Bali and 7 beaches with beautiful views which fit for playing the extreme SUP whether you’re the newbie or expert.

Nusa Lembongan,Penida และ Ceningan

Let’s go out from the Bali and go straight to Nusa island which includes 3 islands; Nusa Pedina, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. These islands are not only the lovely view, but these also are the place which the SUP newbies or general SUP players can practice their skill. You can play a SUP almost on every beach because of slowly and low level of waves. The most popular beach of playing SUP and SURF is the beach which located on the north-west of Nusa Lembongam Island. If you want to play a SUP with more adventure and challenge, we would like to suggest you paddle the SUP out from Nusa Island to Sanur beach on Bali Island which the distance is 19 kilometers. In this activity, you can practice your long-distance SUP and exercise at the same time.



Escaping from the clutter and turn your compass to the north-east of Bali Island for traveling to Medewi beach which is full of the peace and waiting for the newbies and professional of SUP and SURF to try the deeply extreme sport. This beach is a safe place for playing SUP because the rocks of this beach are smooth. Moreover, the waves of this beach also suit with playing the SUP and SURF. This place is another place that we suggest you spend your time with.



Sanur beach is located at the south-wests of an island. You can take time around 20 minutes from the center of Denpasar. This beach is not only popular in part of a beautiful beach, but it also provides a peace sky, and be a place that most suitable for seeing the sunrise. For the SUP lovers, this beach is the premium place for them because there is the board rental store with the academy to practice the SUP and SURF. The waves of this beach also suit with the newbies due to this beach consist of the smooth rock, coral and the gentle wind that effect to the slow waves. It suits with the marine activities like a SUP, SURF, Canoeing, swim, or etc. However, the activity that you don’t miss is the SUP floating to watch a perfect coral reef which will definitely enhance your SUP playing to be more fun and interesting.


Canggu beach is located on the west island. There are small villages that the villagers usually do rice farming that there are full of verdant along the way to the beach. However, the prominent point of Canggu doesn’t only the farm, but the water is also clear and the waves high around 6-8 feet that suit with the surfing or SUP surfing. Especially, the morning is the period that the big waves come over from the whole day that makes this beach is the heaven of the oarsman who really loves to play a SUP surfing. The person who is a newbie also can paddle to crash with the waves, but the professional one also can paddle with a big wave as their like. For the person who exhausted from the SUP playing and seeking for the lovely shop for taking a rest, there is the coffee shop, chic café, and healthy restaurant provided for you.


The popular beach of Bali as Kuta is located on the south west of Denpasar around 10 kilometers. This beach is a landmark that the travelers must come to check-in to connect the seashore together with the beautiful waves. The Kuta beach also suits with the marine activities like swimming, surfing, SUP, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, or etc. There are full of the store, café, lovely resort, equipment rental shop, and practice academy along the way to the beach. Kuta beach is the vigorous beach and famous surfing point that you can meet the SUP or SURF players from worldwide easily. The most important is Kuta beach is the most romantic place for seeing the sunset and sunrise in Bali. So, we would like to suggest you a small trick that if you want to build up the precious moment with your special person, or want to see the sun in others aspect, don’t forget to bring your board and catch your paddle up to play a SUP when the sunset. We confirm that become conceited both you and your special one.


Are you ready to adventure with the beautiful beach and worthy views at Ulawatu? This beach is located under the steep cliff which is the area of Uluwata temple that is the one of most ancient and sacred Hindu temple in Bali which was built in the 10th century to protect this island from the evil spirits. The person who would like to play a surf or SUP might exert for a bit because you need to walk down the steep rock ladder to the beach. We definitely confirm that you must meet the cool SUP/ SURF spot and more challenge than others. The newbies should avoid this beach because the waves here more suitable with the professional players because it is the heavy and very high waves that the players need to apply their experience for playing. For the person who seeking for the high experience and extreme sport, this beach will not make you and disappointed.

Green Bowl

The Green Bowl beach is the secret beach and the jewel which is hidden in this beach. This beach is popular among the group of surfing players and rarely known by others. There are a very small group of people who are able to touch the beauty which is hidden because of the difficult transportation. The people who want to travel here need to walk before entering the beach. The Green Blow beach looks like the green big shallow lake when the water level decreases. The permanent point is on the cave near the sea, especially the giant waves which is strong and continuous. This place is more suitable with the professional player who wants to play surf or SUP in the new place which very few people here. However, we suggest that this place doesn’t suit the newbies, but if you are confident and want to challenge yourself, let’s do it!


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