Get to know your Inflatable Board

October 11, 2016

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are the favourite for people who do not have cars but enjoy stand up paddling. They are very easy to transport since they can be transported in a bag to the water and then inflated to full size when you get to your destination. They also work well if you do not have a lot of storage space.

Apart from the fact that they are much lighter than the ordinary rigid boards, inflatable SUP boards are able to perform the same way as the rigid ones. There is an increase in the number of people doing SUP yoga and they find it convenient that these boards are light but at the same time stable enough to handle different yoga positions and maneuvers.

Paddle boards

The makers of these boards have employed a lot of technology to ensure that the inflatable board is quite rigid once it is inflated so that it is able to do just about everything the rigid ones can do. They are proving to be quite good at maneuvering the waves as well as providing a stable base for the surfer. Because these boards have been made shorter, they are a bit faster when it comes to taking the corners but the degree of stability is compromised to an extent. Most experts will tell you that they are not a good option for a beginner since they do not provide the same kind of stability as the longer rigid boards.

The all round inflatable paddle board comes as the best-recommended option since there is much more you can do with it. The 6inch thick board is the best-recommended inflatable all round board for beginners and even the experts can use this and enjoy its performance. These boards are made to be extra rigid so that whatever waters you may be paddling or surfing on, you will get great performance and enjoyment.

For a paddle in calm waters, it is best to go for the Cruiser Inflatable Boards. These boards give you a smooth glide through the waters and paddling is effectively easier. It is more suited for lakes and rivers that have calm waves or even none at all. They may not be good if you will be turning a lot but if you are just enjoying a straight cruise on the water, then this is what you would need.

Choosing your right Inflatable Board!

The right inflatable board is going to depend greatly on what you intend to do with it. For example, we have talked about cruising calm waters and recommended the Cruiser but some people would rather have an all rounder because they go to different places to surf and may not want to own many different boards for different waves. So it is mainly down to preference but there are still certain things that would apply.

You generally need to look out for a board that is stable enough for the kind of waves you will be taking on, one that is durable and able to carry your weight. Price too might be another factor to consider.

The return policy, as well as manufacturer’s warranty, is another thing you should look out for. You want to be sure that if an inflatable stand up paddle board arrives damaged or does not live up to your expectations, then you should be able to return it without any major problems.

Taking into consideration the different preferences and the different aspects you need to consider when choosing an inflatable board, here are some of the best recommendations for stand up paddlers of different levels right from beginner to expert.

Now go to the reviews of some inflatable boards from our SUP trainer




This inflatable board is ideal for cruising on calm water, you can get good speed out of it and it is quite stable and able to carry a heavy person. It comes with bungee straps for you to fasten your bag or picnic basket to the board and keep them dry. If you want to enjoy a nice tour of the lake or river, this board would be good for you. It is also quite easy to carry around.










These boards are designed to be a bit shorter so that they can handle speed and turns. For paddling on white water, this would be a good choice. The 3 different models can be chosen according to your weight. The 8’9 inflatable board will carry a maximum weight of 90kgs while the 9’6 will take a maximum weight of 105kgs and then the 11’0 is for heavier paddlers up to 150kgs. All of them are quite stable and rigid once inflated and they will give you a lot of fun paddling downstream. Remember this is for a faster ride so make sure you are ready to take on faster waves.







This is a board that makes it seem very easy to paddle while standing, it pretty much does everything right from keeping you stable to cutting through the waves. It is ideal for a leisurely cruise and it is also durable and easy to carry around.









STARBOARD All Round Whopper

Take this anywhere, the ocean, white water paddling or even on flat water and you will still enjoy its performance. Most people though find it is best for oceans and white water paddling because that is when you get to experience the best that it can do. This inflatable board will give you just about everything you are looking for. If you would want to own just one board, then this is a god fit for you.






These are just some of the best recommended inflatable boards that meet the general criteria for choosing a SUP board for different tastes. If you want even more buying ideas, you can contact your SUP’s provider nearby.

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